Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hewoo I dun promised Piccies didnt I???

Well here I am again - hewoo to you all

I promised piccies last time I wrote and I do my darndest to do the right thing - sometimes it doesn't work but hey presto I dun did this time whoohoo!! I doubt many would remember about this particular item except Hideko and I- we have been in the process of exchanging a bag to each other for more time then either of us could remember. Anyway Hideko sent me her beautiful bag to me earlier this year, its ever so gorjus (when I find the camera I will take piccies of it to show its a beautiful piece of art from a lovely lady!

Anyway then things came in and got in the way- the Earthquake and Tsunami in Sendai and surrounds and I just didn't feel like embroidering bags at that time but did 2 blocks for the Quilts that were made up and sent to Hideko to raise funds to help out children  after the terrible earthquake/Tsunami. Then in between I had so much trouble with my dear old hands- this arthritis happening in both of my thumbs and several fingers has slowed me down a lot but with the return of some warmer weather I have been able to do some more and the BAG IS FINISHED.

La Te Da Hideko I feel like jumping up and dancing (nope can't do that either of deary me how boring can life be ggg) But now for the truth the whole truth I had almost completed the bag earlier this year- when for some reason I took it outside in the sunlight and I HATED it- not only hated it but the fabric was downright filthy. THAT would not do I thought. So I came in grabbed a pair of scissors and cut up the bag there and then- I was so angry I could have washed it no doubt BUT I was really at the stage where it had been hanging around here and I just got to the stage where I hated it (if you look back on other blog entries I have written no doubt you will find piccies of THAT bag.

So now wot to do- I had cut up bag number 1, which was actually bag number 2 (I originally thought to do a smocked bag - but changed my mind when the bag I like only had 4 rows of smocking on it and that was back smocking only, so out came the fabrics and I put together a new front and new back and began to put together this bag. My  spider web roses are made with hand dyed ribbons I purchased from Flights of Fancy Boutique - oh so pretty. The bag is several shades of purple and  greens with a little black Jacquard patch to add a touch of spice. I only used Roses to embroider the bag and again stuck to purple (several shades) and the red ribbons. The only other adornment are the butterflies, which is why I call this " Butterfly's on Roses" of course I couldnt NOT put Swarovski crystals in and around and on the roses.

The other thing that slowed down the finishing of this bag was I couldn't find a purse clasp that I liked !! I chased purse clasps everywhere. Finally Lincraft in Elizabeth did get in some new purse clasps and I bought 2 of these, but then I thought them to ordinary and plain Jane so when Colin took me to the craft Show I picked up another couple of purse clasps there, they were either to big or too small - although I could have made them fit - I had left enough fabric to be able to alter the top of the purse to fit any clasp if it wasn't too big. I just didn't like them I guess- Col took me to Elizabeth again and I looked  in the store there and also at Spotlight here in Munno Para, Just didn't have purse clasps or not the ones I wanted. So I rang a lady who sells them privately here in South Australia and when they came I thought yes I finally have just want I want, grabbed the purse put the frame up against it and LOATHE the frame. Would you believe I finally wound up using the very first purse clasp I bought at Lincraft in Elizabeth, the fancier frames overpowered or screamed at the bag they just didn't suit the bag at all- maybe because I had so many roses covering the bag itself that it just needed a plain clasp and so on Monday(our time here) Cols taking me down to the Post office and Hidekos' Purse (bag either or) and her Birthday present (yes that was months ago as well  I may be slow BUT I DO get there in the end) will be on there way to her FINALLY!!

With Much Love and biggest Hugs to you Hideko-- I pray you like the bag and book dearest friend. To all others I hope you all enjoyed the telling of the story behind Hidekos bag

lottsa love and hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I have joined the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012

Hewoo all

I guess you are all getting sick of me being all talk and no piccies - sorry this will be the last one for a bit but wanted to let you all know about the  this is a way of geetting Crazy Quilting out there and to be seen by more people.

Basically each participant (yup I am IN) makes a 6x6 inch block each month (hey these can be bigger - once again go check the link gang) and embellish it then sent a piccie of it to the web addie and it will be put up on a web page. I am really looking forward to this as I have been getting trims and bits and bobs for over 12 months now to make myself sit down and either make a wall hanging or begin a quilt for us, this I hope is going to force me to do it and one block a month isnt too terrible taxing - well is it????

 So if you are interested please hit the link above and read the ruels/ regulations and the where and why fors its all so much more made of plain sense  on their blog then I am here........

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, November 21, 2011

To those who werent able to do TAST last year read on!

Hewoo there all my dear friends

Sharon Bogon has just announced on her http:// that next year she will again do her wonderful Take A Stitch Tuesday, whats tht I hear you say ---dont know what it is all about - well do go to the web page and read on.

Briefly though  - Sharon picks a Stitch for the Challenge and each indivual works  the stitch for a week. You can put in as much effort as you want to- some will really take the stitch and work many different ways of including it or just make the one stitch and learn it really well. Each Challenge stitch is there on Tuesday and is worked on for a week- you can show it to all or not - your choice again ...... such a laid back Challenge - no making you feel guilty cos Sharon is not like that, this is a Challenge you can enjoy and whats more you will learn so much.

Sharon is an absolute doll and makes this challenge as guilt free as she can- this is a challenge for the indivdual to get the most out of the challenge that they can.

Please please go to Sharons web page- and read the instructions -Sharon explains it so MUCH better then I have here and also  you will need to send her an email etc with your details - but again, please go to Sharons web page - it DOES explain all of this so much clearer then I have ............

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxoxoo

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

well its been such a while hasnt it??

 Hewoo All

                Well the winter flu season caught up with us here and bang it really hit the three of us fortunately our 2 kids were lucky and caught a mild version and were up and back in action with in a week. Dad also managed to get over the worst of it in  a little over a week while Col and I went down and it took us 4 weeks to finally say well I am feeling better and even alive now. Wont go into the boring details - least said and all that - but it was a horrid thing and my bed and I became very good buddies while Col and his beloved recliner chair became better buddies then they normally are - heck he even came and had a sleep on the bed in the daytime several times- UNHEARD of  but he did I was thinking the man is THAT sick hell better get the willls signed and sealed, but hey hes all better again PHEW !

               I figure you all deserve an update on my sewing- Nothing was attempted while I was ill so nothing has been completed -- boohoo - I know Hideko is probably sick of hearing this but hers is on the way again- I am actualluy about to set the sewing machine in to action and sew the seams of the bag n the lining -- now --- this very --afternoon - do u believe it- no I dont either but who knows if I do U will see the noise on here tomorrow or the next day. I have completely redone Hidekos bag - the other one just didnt set me alight - I just couldnt get the enthusiasm moving for it -----so I completely redid the bag no, no photos til its finished and on its way to Hideko I think everyone will pass out the day I say its in the post and going to her I know I will  heavens its been a long long time........

                So until later I will say - adieu. Take care you all.-- I will be back and will try to be a bit better and  be here a bit more often then I have been.

                                               love n hugs to all Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well I have finished some more of my 6 and a !/2 inch Squares

Hewoo one and all

I have had a few little blocks that I am doing in the Secret Meaning of Flowers  a kind of Block of the month But I just go to the online catalogue and choose what I want and when and away I go.I am seriously thinking of now doing a wall hanging with these sweet little blocks. I think I did tell you that I am getting these little flower blocs from the pink bunny lady - Anyway I have the Iris Block waiting to be completed and have just orded daffodil - love daffodils actually I love all flowers and I have had my few daffies flowered here at Dads and they are now setting seed  --they doubled in number from last year and did look so pretty - I should have taken a piccie but didnt -oh well!

Anyway I have scanned the blocks I have now completely finished apart from my initials and the year, so I am feeling rather happy with that so without further ado here they are-------

I have been thinking of doing the meanings on all the blocks as I have done on a couple of them  ie joy -so am still pondering on that after all -- return of happiness-- is a lot to put on the Lily of the valley blocks isnt it, though Innocence wouldnt be a problem on the Daisy block and Message would  be fine on the Pansie block - though that has its meaning on the tiny silkie, and so do a couple of others but thats for the future and I didnt rescan the rose block as its just below this entry. I hope you all like--- please feel free to let me know how you do  like or not (LOL), I have a couple of other things on the burner at present but they will be for future blog entries and piccies---- so for tonight - nighty night and please have a safe day where ever you are.

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I am so sorry to have been missing in stitching!

Hewoo all,

I am sorry its been such an age to tell the truth ,my hands arms shoulders etc have not coped with winter at all this year and I had trouble stitching and also typing - But enough of that its so boring to hear bear complaning such when in this world there are those starving and with diseases that are far more serious then mine. So lets say this its be a pain and leave it at that- when  I felt a little better then I would do a wee bit of stitching until it hurt and then leave it for another day - so I have actually managed to complete another couple of the Language of  Flowers a monthly 6 inch Cq block that can be you can also purchase as I did  by going to the designers web site

Vals web site is gorgeous and no I am not being paid for these comments, I am in such awe of her CQ designs etc so go and have a look see there is another CQ block of the month on the site and other things of interest. Anyway I thought you may like to have a quick look at one that I say is finished but I noticed a small empty space- oh heavens I hate empty spaces I may have to do something with that - but for now here is Joy the pink rose being the flower for joy! I am sorry to say I hate to do an alteration on it Joy gggg I just cannot do anything without adding a wee thing that is different thats so weird of me isnt it?? Hope you like it - I will try and do some more on my blog tomorrow and catch you all up with what I have been doing in the past few weeks!

Love n hugs Belinda
(aka bear)

Monday, June 13, 2011

No pictures today BUT theres a Great Giveaway at......... look below...

I is being a noighty bear cos  havent got any piccies to show today! Today I decided to bite the bullet and have just finished doing a back and a front Cq blocks for something I am working on- I have really being thinking of doing this for some time- the piece I have been working is just not working and I cannot in all honesty send it to a dear friend if I dont like it and I really dont I have been over and through and I guess I just needed to say enough and just restart now I have I am feeling so much happier and tonight I willl get a good start on it I actually like the block heapsa more then the old one - its more me. Ok ladies and gents all will be revealed in time stay with me I think in the long run you will all agree with me and what I have done!

okay and now theres another reason to visit me tonight -a lass on CQI yahoo group is having a give away and my oh my its a really good one so heres the addie please do go and look and join in the fun and if someone who has gone from my blog wins I will be such a happy bear I truly will ---so please go try it and play
okay here it is:

thats it from tonight
I will do some piccies in the next few days I does promise
love n hugs as always Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

ok new all in one has decided it will play for Bear


         I have had such a wonderful time the past few days--- NOT ---- nor has my number 1 pooter techie - ie no 1 son Kieron. anyway after 3 days of trying it finally decided to allow us to get it installed on the pooters (mine and the desktop), so now I can at long last show my little BOTM (block of the month).

        These are the Language of Flowers, as I said earlier you also can join in on which takes you to the Pink Bunny catalogue of wonders and delights. Theres also a larger BOTM there as well - but I am so happy doing this one- as I said in previous notes its a 6and a half inch block so nice n small and I dont have to get all worried on what and where and especially when I need a calm down effect from having problems with a certain purse clasp and getting it to play nice -I put the former away and do a little on my blocks

            The BOTM  are so cute, the first is Daisy- innocence ----its actually all but finished  but I messed up the small white ribbon with the word Innocence on it- I was putting some Fray Check on the edges of another block when I pick up the daisy block- dont ask how I did it but I obviously touched the ribbon and hey presto I have only the Inn left- I wonder if I can put the rest of the word onto it, will try it out on some scrap so heres that one
There are some changes to it one is the small daisy on the bottom left corner with the little pearls in the centre, Valerie was lucky enough to have a very special daisy with pearls in the middle- quite different to this but very
 gorjus Anyway up the top theres a larger daisy with the ribbon over it- Valerie had a lovely piece of lace in that place but I just couldnt find the piece of lace I liked so I added this quite different daisy I think it works do you?

         For some reason my blog is playing up I have only got the previous 2 paragraphs showing and none of the bits n bobs up top that allow you to format or to add images etc so I am not going to be able to add the Pansy block at this stage so will you all coome back tomorrow and have a look, anyway I should complete it before I show you it shouldntI??? So I will, now we all know when Bear says tomorrow she prolly means a couple of days BUT I WILL Try to do it tomorrow I does promise But I also want to work on Hidekos purse also. My dearest Hideko who has the patience of a saint I have gotta finish her purse.

            Ok so I will come back tomorrow and show some more who knows I may even be a long way further with Hidekos purse I am really struggling with it- IT doesnt want to be nice and go together at all!! I had no problems at all with Rebeccas wedding purse so why is this playing up why oh why??? I so want Hidekos purse to be beautiful and its all going so wrong maybe I will get it to work tonight then I will feel better about it then wont I.................. so for now

                                                love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, June 06, 2011

Hewoo its cold out there

Hi all

  I will have something to show in a couple of days I am again working on Hidekos' bag and the purse Clasp,   Its so cold here in Adelaide that I dont feel like going anywhere much -Col has an Ear Nose and Throat appointment at the hospital tomorrow I hope they agree to fix the poor mans nose for him he feels so terrible at present and has done for a long time- Hes been on the waiting list for an appointment, for at last 5 years - all those little ones getting tonsils or adenoids or grommets out and in  before him gggg. Anyway tomorrow is the day.

  My old printer - one of the all in one jobs hit the died and gone to hell button the other day  Col and I went over  to the shops and got a new one similar to the old one but its not the same I have been argueing with it since -- to get the silly thing hooked up even had Kieron down to see if he could get it hooked up - but nope its being a pain in the rear end.

    Anyway I have been making little 6 n a half inch block of the month, for a wee while now. I am getting from "The Pink Bunny"  Valerie Bottell's wonderful online shop ( )  - so far I have almost completed the Pansie block, I  have finished the Daisies, and also well on the way to finiishing the Lilly of the Valley. I have ordered the Roses one next - its Pink roses. I am really enjoying doing this - I have never been in a block of the month  and being that these are 6 n a half inches big its proving to be a challenge for me cos we all know how I love doing BIG!-- 20 inch is right up my alley so with these I have to think small gggg and would you believe there was a spiderweb rose on the Lilly of the Valley block and its in 4mm ribbon. I havent made a spiderweb rose THAT small EVER well not since I began to make them my own way and -- you ---- know---- what--- I LIKE it. I am ever so surprised that it actually came up so great and to think that I like it is amazing. I guess that will mean you all hate it gggggg BUT Kierons coming back down here in the am and we will have another go at getting the printer and the computers to talk nice and I will be scanning my little heart out. Tonight I am working on Hidekos bag Whoohoo I am feeling much better about the bag and its GOING to go together and thats THAT!!!

Anyway this is  where I am up to - Thought I would let you all know I am about---- and  I havent gone into blog sleep again---- I am being so good this year---- aint I but???

Loves to all and Big hugs to all
Bear xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hewoo I have been playing around...................

Hewoo one and all that wander past this place of quite repose.

My, oh my where did that all come from - I do carry on at times dont I??? said without the plum in my mouth!
I have been doing stuff - what stuff I hear you ask??- Well I began a second block for Sendai and I have finished that and I also added more to block 1 so see I have been a bizyy little bear..ok so first things first this is the first block redo- I added some things - filledd in some spaces etc and played and played until I knew I couldnt add one more thing -- well not quite true-I am going to add a small gold bead on top of and to the bottom of the gold heart in the centre but then that is it this will finally be on its way to Leslie  of CQI tomorrow with all good will happening.

 and well without any more mucking about heres block 2, I had not even really given any thought of doing the second block - sort of a maybe anad then the idea crept up and on to me and I thought well why the heck not so although you will notice similarities you wont find all the same things  ie no Lily of the valley but more roses so many more roses that I have nicknamed this block -I promised you a rose garden, and then I added some daisies to bring in the white ribbon of the first  blocks and lets face it a rose garden will often have showing their dainty faces to the sun a whole slew of daisies well they did before I let Col loose in our front rose garden he pulled out my daisies and put in Diosmas and they have overgrown and they too will be being pulled this year - I shouldnt let Col near my roses gardens should I?? But I do need him to do the hard yakka of digging and plantine and the often judicious job of pulling something out that actually needs to be yanked but I have to be right there or he goes berserk!!


How did I get onto that?? I hope that you my readers enjoy the eye candy - I hope they are good enough for our Leslie and that she has a quiet corner to shove them into on her beautiful quilts that will soon being made to send to Sendai, I have enjoyed doing this project - it takes me more time these days - arthritis in the hands isnt good but I got there now to complete Hidekos purse I hope the purse clasp fits in easily its all that is left to do now and I wanted to complete these blocks and now onto her purse, my sweet friend is patience personified she has waited so long now for this! I will take a piccies of that before I send it to her and thats a promise! Please do let me know your thoughts on these blocks and yes you can  point out mistakes - I am still learning!...........................

Anyway thats it for this time,keep well and enjoy life

Til next time we meet

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Heavens where did April disappear off to??.......

Hewoo all

well I know I can hear you all say shes gone and disappeared not to be heard of for months- wrong dear friends of this blog wrong- I have been doing much embroidery - I talked myself into doing a second block for Hearts to Sendai ----- and I have promised Lesley that I will also send over the other two blocks I made up she has kindly said she will find someone to do them or one or whatever. So thats great- my right hand is giving me"Curry" - translation from Ozzie slang - ny hand is hurting like mad!!! actually the REAL translation is far worse then that but I am not swearing on my blog no way! LOL,

I have also tried to get the purse clasp onto the handbag I am making for my darling friend Hideko - it just is not cooperating- I cant work it out- when I made Becs wedding purse the clasp went in like -so easy -- now this one is deter,ined its going to cause me heart failure BUT I have left it alone and am doing the block for Sendai and then I  AM GOING to FORCE IT If thats what it NEEDS but the clasp is going to be on the bag and its also going to be off to Sendai (well the blocks are off to Lesley first for the making of the quilts, then to Sendai, whereas the handbag is a private swap between Hideko and I - I have my beautiful bag here tht Hideko masde for me looking at me- its so beautiful.

Anyway thats where I am at - almost completed block 2 and will scan it when its completed and put the scan up then so you can tell me if n you like it or not- I have tried to have them somewhat alike but there are differences as well. But thats to be soon dear friends of my blog soon!

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sendai Block now is it finished???

Hewoo one and all

well I am late - I would be late for my own funeral I am sure but for ever so many years I was early cos I had to be that these days I hope the world at large will forgive me being the occasional (read all the darn time) being late.

 I showed the critic in the house Dear Old Dad --- forever more to be known as DOD, the block and he reckins its lovely and that I have such clever hands gggggg --well he does ! Surprises me but ---there ya go so I think its finished I have been staring at it for a couple of days- does anyone else do that-?? I ""finish" and then stare and see if I need to change something, I did change a couple of things last night and I learnt something valuable too- the gold material is a real Biatch. If you undo something it wants to undo the weft threads or is it the waft threads well it want to undo one ot of them and it goes from one end to the other - I will not be using that very much or maybe I should use it to get rid of it and then not buy anymore of that stuff every again its horrid stuff horrid horrid horrid!

Do U wanna see it -am not real pleased with it- I have taken things off this block more then off any other block I have ever made, its been terrible ever so terrible - doing then pulling LOL, it would either be the threads didnt do it for me or the pattern isnt what I wanted there or some such thing so without any more adoing here it is-- the Sendai block.
The (horrid) little  white flowers are a represntation of Lily of the valley - which brings "happiness back" so I am hoping it will bring happiness back to  Japan and her people sometime in the future ---not yet-- theres no way yet  that Japans peoples' can be over this yet. Of course the dim flowers to  the right of the heart in centre is my spider web roses- bit dull on  this block n I put Butterflies and also honey bees to help the people to recover all that quicker, and of course hearts everyhere to telll of our  hearts and love from those many hearts filtering out all over Japan --to help mend the Japanese people hearts and minds. Its going to take many years to get even halfway back to a normal soceity this is not something that anyone would be trying to recover from for years and years to come

So what do you think of it my dear friends please do tell me  -as I said  its actually proven to be the very hardest block to do, its caused me more headaches. Normally I just look at the bare block and a picture forms in my head and I just begin sewing and thats that -I may have to pull one line out max. but this block heavens I would pull out seam after seam after seam. Well at present I believe its finished - those silly white flowers on the left are the Lily of the Valley I did - to bring happiness back to Japan. Not real good but heck they are there.

ooh ooh oooh  its almost Easter so to any who pass this way - Happy Easter -- may you celebrate it the way you do in safety and with family and friends, so to all a  very, very Happy Easter to you. To those in Japan and Christchurch and anywhere else that is struggling due to Forces of Nature or War -- I hope that you have peace this blessed time of year and may it continue to be peaceful for all the world over.

                                        Peace be with you!

much love and tons of hugs Bear  xooxxooxox

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Starting April 18th! theres a "itty bitty giveaway" on Cindy Adkins whimsical Musings Blog

okay I have had to put the addie in by typing it- but theres a lovely little button with a piccie of Alices tea party on the above blog to announce that next week Cindy is having a week of giveaways, beginning the 18th April even if you dont go into the giveaways do pop over and check out this quite beautiful blog, it made me think of the beautiful 1920's with girls made up to have huge expressive eyes and those cloche hats that are tight fitting but add to the prettiness of the entire affect- cant help love that look! I hope that I have copied this addie in right if not well come and chase me downunder and let me know I am such a dill- I couldnt even work out how to take the button- -dummy bear dummy bear!!!

Go on you know you wanna go look at the pretties.and also pop back here tomorrow I am hoping to have my Sendai block all but completed - I have put the lily of the valley on not 100% happy but I have removed them 4 times and I am not getting it the way I want still so its staying the way it is - I will make a minor change but then thats that - then I only need to put on some beads and we are done done done! Whoohooo!

In case you arent watching the news the word coming out of Japan is not good - theres been 2 big earthquakes in the 7.1 and 7.4 range one was very close to the Nuclear plant this past week. Can anything else go wrong I am continuing to pray for all Japanese (and the Kiwi's as well), but very much for Hideko and Emiko. I am so frightened for them its a terrible situation isnt it??

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

one day and a whole lot more

hewoo Blog -

where are all my friend these days - must be all way to bizy to be bothered to check if and see if I have Been a bad bear or a good bear - who would write in her blog every couple of days to keep you up to whats happening down here in the den.

Yesterday I had a vision- bit like Pauley Tuttel from American Choppers a Discovery Channel on Fox downunder - you dont watch it?? Man alive u cant be serious - its all bout Bike building at Orange County Choppers theres Paul Senoir, Paul Junior, Mikey and a couple of other siblings but they are not in the show- anyway last year the 2 Pauls had another blow up at each other and Senoir Terminated Pauley Juniors contract the upshot being that junior opened his own shop Paul Junior Designs (I hope thats it please forgive me Tuttles if its wrong dont wanna upset them one bit I dont) BUT Junior when beginning to envision a new Chopper (a type of Motorcycle for the unintiated inside the motor bike world) well Junior puts a whole heap of drawings or whatever he needs to look and start nutting out the design into a fully completed Chopper, and thats exactly what I do- put the block in front of me somewhere and just try and nut out what to put on it.
so myy friends this is what I have found in my brain and managed to get onto my block- yup I know Bludy spider Web roses- but hey I really like the way I have managed to get the roses made they actually look like the buds I have on my rose bushes now - their last blooming til Spring later on this year.
I hope you like them toooo

I have felt really intimitated by the most beautifuls blocks that the other ladies have shown on the web they do them ooh so gorjus how can I even manage to get remotely close to the others - I am so way behind their blocks- oh theres not a bad one amongst them. Poop there will be when mines done and no I am not looking forward to grabbing some nice comments from anyone I really am soooo intiinated by the others - heck they have made such gorjus blocks darn it.

One thing I am will place on my Sendai block is a bunch of Lily of the Valley - as the secret meaning of these particular flowers is a Return to Happiness. Nope I didnt think that one up -I found it on the Pink Bunny website where Miss Valerie Bothell is having a crazy quilt block of the month and this one just happens to be Lily of the Valley. I do think that Japan and her people really require a return to happiness very very much

. To find the magical web site of the lovely Miss Valerie go to  lots of good things to see and buy there- actually thats where I was finally able to get my wonderful set Of Miss Carole Samples Dream a Seam templates - I had been chasing them for years and had almost given up when someone mentione they were available on this web site so I tootled over there only to find they were sold out. That same night Miss Carole emailed me telling me that she  was going to make more templates and to keep an eye on the web site, Valerie Bothell also told me she would email me the minute they came in- but I didnt give her a chance I was on the site when they were put into the catalogue and finally I had my very own set of the Dream a Seam Templates (well I had to wait on the postie to bring them and I was an absolute pest for the next 10 days they took to arrive downunder - fortunately I know the postie - hes our friend and was relieving on our round at the time LOL). So to those who are trying to get a set of Dream a Seam Templates- keep on keeping on- dont give up until you succeed and actually have a set of your own- they are really worth it. Just ask all those who havae a set, dont forget Keep on trying!!!!

Love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxox

Friday, April 08, 2011

More on Sendai Block!

Hewoo all

Well I guess you have thought I was taking another long timeout BUT hey here I am behaving and going to try keeping my posts up on the blog this year. Well thats the idea I hope to keep on doing this!!!

 I have decided to use the last block for my Sendai block and I have added the seams decoration well the beginning of them anyway - heavens I havent even climbed over Dads dining room table to climb into my Beads trolly yet but I have begun.(climbing over Dads dining room table is not easy! He has several layers high from whoa to go of paperwork and dont dare move anything he knows where everything is!) I also found a beautiful Tatted heart that someone gave me many years ago I only wish I had been a good bear and tagged the heart with a name of the maker so now I have used it and I dont know who to thank for it- it really is beautiful of course in my well loved colours of purple and mauve and white whoohoo! (If you are the maker please please tell me so I can pay well deserved praise to you!) I then decided I was going to keep my seam decorations to 3 types and use variations of them to make each seam look different to the next seam.  Anyway I am in the early stage but I wanted you to know that I am doing something out here in bears space. Please feel free to comment I welcome it be it either liked or not.....................

 wellllllllllll its a beginnning I am none to sure if I like it or not guess we will all find out next post what happens next!

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hearts and Hands For Sendai Part 2

Hewoo again

well I did another square over the weekend and hey I am almost happy with this one can you believe it- I am almost happy with a square - whoohoo - I did introduced a new piece of fabric, the little flowers on the green background, I was thinking of doing one more block and when I have finished my block for the Sendai quilts section I might do another piece up for me or.... with the 4 other blocks I have made up along the way. Just to see if I can do anything remotely nice with them

(Everytime I write the word NICE- I have memories of my High School English Teacher telling me over and over not to use the word Nice in anything that we write - that the word Nice is the most overworked and worst descritpive word and should NEVER EVER Be used _EVER!) Sorry Miss I did it again! oh deary me- does anyone else remember these silly little things from past life as a kid??)

So without further ado here is Block no 4 above that is!

 thats it I guess I dont know if these colours class as Jewel To me they d but Cols going to take me over to Spotlight for a bit of retail thearpy and I may pick up some other colours maybe thats what is causing my Jewel coloured block - it mighten be that I dont think these are good enough to be up there with the other clocks I have seen being submitted oh so gloriousv they are - well we shall see if I come home with some more fabrics well what can I say- we all need to feed the savaage beast called Cq monster and feed her some  more fabric- then she might be happier and bring forth a block thatI shall be happy with - between Viv's ( "Mrs Perfect" and me the "Fabric Monster" I have a feeling us crazy quilters are well named.

night for now - love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

I wanna scream!

Hewoo all

    Generally I dont like bitchin! BUT LOL- Channel 7 and Sporting Car Club both here in Adelaide SA have told everyone that took photos in pit lane that these Photos cannot be posted anywhere - that Channel 7 and Sporting Car Club have the all rights and etc etc etc rubbish to all pictures and as such this very proud mother of a son who puts in a fair amount of VOLUNTEER time to help the Clipsal 500 run the smoothly car race of the year here in Adelaide South Australia and now this very proud Mum cant put up a photo of her kid cos they say no all photo rights belong to us BIG DEAL! Channel 7 and Sporting Car club my poor little blog has 32 followers who come occasionally to see what I have been up to and I would dearly love to show them how proud we (his Dad and Mum) are of this kid of ours and the fact he puts out for them every year and also through out the year at Mallala car circuit free gratis, no money is given or asked for he loves doing this and he even goes without pay from his normal working Job -as he is a Casual and so he doesnt get paid for the 4 days of the CLIPSAL 5oo

    This is mean spirited channel7 and Sporting car club - I am not going to get anything from putting up a photo of my kid in his uniform shirt (they do supply that free  giving credit where its due)) Is it to much to ask to be able to show a photo of my kid in Pit Lane. Pooh to you big germie corporations unfortunately you guys will never know about this complaint even cos none of my followers belong to these grumpy corporations.

    Thanks you one and all who cross this way  for letting me have a grump I really am so cross with the above now named not corporations.

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hearts and Hands For Sendai

Hewoo all

the Crazy quilting International Group have begun a new project called "Hearts and Hands for Sendai" in which the participants - whether crazy or sane quilters will make a block and then send them to a central point to be sewn together into Quilts which will then displayed first and then auctioned  and the money raised being donated to a charity of choice/s. This will be a way that many of us can actually contribute to the Japanese people in a constructive manner. I continue to pray that our friends Hideko and Emiko and their families and all of the Japanese people involved will be safe but each day brings more concerns for all Japanese with the reactor, the aftershocks and now also the cold weather, can anything else go wrong??

Anyway I have been attermpting to make a block for the fundraising quilts - man alive- I havent really done any crazy quilting for quite some time and its showing BIG time - so far I have made 3 blocks - I am telling you block 1 and 2 are terrible, Well to me they are not my normal type block and where they came from who knows BUT block 3 is gettting there and I am sure come block 4 I may even be happy with it- we will see - at present that one is still in my head.

I do not like the way I have used the patterned fabrics in any of them and although Block3 shows crinkles believe me its not - must be an error in the scanning process.but again I have not managed to get a complete animal onto the block in the 2 pieces of patterned materials used grrrrrrrr. Am almost thinking I may just have a plain material only block - will think on that later -But I want to be able to use the best block ---to me this is one of the most impotant pieces of embellished Crazy quilting I have ever made, or will make. So I am being the little Virgo Perfectionist that I am - well every now and then I am a Virgo perfectionist!

Stay Tuned more to come on this subject,.......

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxo

Friday, March 11, 2011


hewoo there one and all

Its with a heavy heart that I write tonight - once more the earth has decided to send its bulk upwards and in an effort to explode it created another earthquake this one in Japan in the prefecture of Sendai, where my lovely Hideko resides with her family.

Noone has heard from Hideko tonight but then thats is to be understood although my heart is screeching out theres little can be done bar prayers for those of us who pray or any other method that anyone quietens their unhappy hearts with prayers to Budda, or the many other forms of religon we have across the globe.

So Hideko and the many thousands caught up in this terrible earthquake and also the Tsunami I am praying for you all, I am especially praying for Hideko and her family but there are so many others involved in this terrible happening today. I hope that those who have loved ones and friends in Japan soon hear from them to let them know they are okay, and I hope and pray that we will hear from our beautiful friend Hideko that she and her family are all safe.

To the many more that will face the might of a Tsunami in the next hours I hope and pray that you have all taken heed of the warnings are on higher ground and well out of the way of the Tsunamis frightful roar. To all be safe please and please I pray we all hear from those we love very soon.

love n hugs belinda (bear) xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

Thursday, March 03, 2011

well I did say I would do......

Hewoo again

Well just a wee 2 days from my last entry and here I am not to say that I am very impressed with my needlework cos I am not But we all have to get back to doing some stitching and after such a long time off and with these shaky old hands playing up its not been a great experience but I promised and I really wanted to give Hayley something to remember me by, and now she may remember me for all the wrong reasons. Her Bubby is due next month and shes a wee tiny little girl - nay woman but so tiny so petite and so big with her wee boy baby. As with all Mums this last month is getting to her but she always has a smile on her face that lights up anywhere she is.

So I grabbed some singlets and a small growsuit for bubby's next summer, I figure that as with all new Mums you get heaps of baby clothes to fit now not so much for the next months after, so thats why I did this little buy. NOW I will tell you so noone has to try and work out wot I have stitched Haylee is Vietnamese in origin, and Australian by choice and this year is the Chinese year of the Rabbit - so these things I havae stitched are RABBITS okay?? the singlets have a bunny facing us with eyes and nose and the growsuit has bunnies  looking away from us so theres a white fluffy tail on them (to be honest I wish I had used this pattern for all of them as it went together so much better then the single Bunnies and if I ever do this again I will definately use the looking away bunnies.So with out any more chat here they are - remember I like the growsuit heaps better then the others gggg and at least the singlets can be hidden under clothes phew!

The singlet with the dark blue bunny looks to me like a gremlem - anyone old enough to remember the movie Gremlins??- and I have taken apart the ears at least 5 times and each time the bear looks the same- I have given up on him I really like the growsuit the best as I say oh well Hayley will more then likely give me one of her beautiful smiles and I will wonder for time immorial whether she really likes them or is being kind. I am sorry that I used my scanner not great pics - the poor cameras card needs downloading its choc a block full. There you go another job for me to do.

Anyway please do let me know how you feel about these poor bunnies, wish I had more time I would take off all the single bunnies and redo them grrrrrr. Why did I decide to do them in the first place .......

Night for now will be starting doing blocks very soon! yippee if I can get these silly hands to stop haking long enough gggg

love Bear xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cats n kittens

hewoo all
this is called Bears catching up on blog entries well this is over a year ago. Most know of the cat who adopted us and was a kinda wild but tamed beautifully, but of course as is the way of these things she was PREGNANT.----NO!! ---- I hear you all say ----- of course she was----it took us a few weeks to get her to trust us and then to get her to trust us to let her in and out of the house, then knowing the date had to be soon well she became a true house cat. As can be seen here she was HUGE I estimated bout 6 and sure enough she gave birth to 6 wee babies, it turned out she had 2 females and 4 boys

The above are the bubbies about a week later, she chose to have the bubbies under the headboard of our bed and it took us a week to convince her that the babies would be fine beside the bed in their box. the next move was to the Laundry that took another 2 weeks but finally all was well and they grew and grew, if you look to the above pic you will notice the all over grey kitten far right hand side of the box this became Smokey the one we kept (thinking she was a he ---even the Vet had to check 2 or 3 times ggg). Kieron kept the other wee girl - she was the trouble maker of the wee crowd. Kirk kept a little boy (actually he was the biggest of them all then)  he was black mostly and has sandy stripes but is a longhair as well as smokey though different  ---he has the most silky long fur really very beautiful -- he was the first born and the most gentle of them all a wee bit slower then the others at times but has caught up and is a delight - you see I have visiting rights to the "grandkids" VBG

This is the tribe following the big move to the laundry, they were about 3 weeks old here and becoming way more mobile and of course Kierons "Tiger Lil" was becoming the boss of the litter by this stage, she had already climbed out of the box and in another week began to work out how to climb over the cat blocking fence that was supposed to keep them in the laundry. anyway they all thrived and were beautiful kittens, I have to take a piccie of the girl now - my "Smokey" these days I call her bubbs more then smokey - well smokey is more a boys name isnt it?? but have a couple of photos of the Mum who is now known as Bea and is desexed (rapidly done after the kittens were weaned) and Bubbs --all of our kittens were desexed the 2 up our home with the sons are in home always Bubbs also is a strictly house cat and Bea well its harder to get her to stay in BUT she comes in every night and goes out after her Brekky, she still catches lots of mice to add to her diet and is a plump happy girl and her daughter our Bubby is FAT contented kitten. When Bea comes in at night and they have their dinner and then the house becomes a play zone and the noise these 2 make while playing has to be heard to understnad how noisy they are but they are both beautiful cats and life around here has mellowed a lot more since we became pet owners again. actually no thats incorrect we are owned by the 2 cats arent all so called pet owners???

These are when Bubbs was very young I know I have another pic of her older but need to download the photos onto the computer - will do that tomorrow so for now you can go ahhhhhhh and isnt she cute, they both are really cute - when tthey are asleep gggg.

If all goes well tomorrow I will show whatI have been working on this week I havae a young friend who is about 6 weeks off having her first baby so being that she is Vietamese born and this year is the Year of the Rabbit I have been doing Bears on some little singlets and a grow suit for her. Athough I am asking myself why seeing how its been so long since I held a needle in my hands did I choose to do Bullions stitches and in Edmars Rayon thread???  Crazy is what I am calling myself at present crazy!

til then
love Bear xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, February 28, 2011

did I not say ???

Hewoo there,

These are from the Dolls Of Japan Display between Burnside and their sisters city in Japan. I apologise I seem to have misplaced the souveneir pamplet which has the sister city in Japans' name on it. When I find it I will put it up on my blog - These are some of the dolls.....

Now then having said many eons ago that I would show some of the gorjus dolls of Japan. This display was in the lovely leafy suburb of Burnside (for those not of Adelaide, Burnside is one of THE suburbs in town to live well it used to be anyway). So Colin, Dad and I went to the Burnside Library to see the display of the many beautiiful dolls. Hideko one of my favourite ladies is from Japan and knows how much I adore all things Japanese and these dolls were oh...... they were just beautiful..... In Japan they have a special day for little girls when they bring out the their  most beautiful dolls and display them and the same for little boys and in the display were 2 dolls one a little girls and of course one little boys dolls I cannot express in words just how magnificent these particular dolls were they were SPECTACULAR and sadly my camera skill are way below par. I hope you will forgive me the terrible photography but I am sure you get the idea these dolls were all so beautiful, the guys thought I was going to be there forever and believe me I wanted to stay, I was amazed at how the wonderful the workmmanship was even the tiniest of the dolls there were amazing, the hours that would have gone into making the dolls my heart soared that day.

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get these few pictures up on my blog if anyone would like to see more..... I have more pics..... you only have to ask...........

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxox

Sunday, February 27, 2011

plans afoot and all that stuff February

Hewoo all

Well today I have been tuned in to the Tv watching the news to see if any more have been found in the terrible Earthquake that hit Christchurch NZ this week. I am feeling so sad for those suffering there to those who have family still missing if it makes any difference I am praying that they may be found alive. I had a young friend when I was a YOUNG  girl actually we were in our very early 20's and I lost contact with her and I have been thinking even more then I normally do this week I think she came from the other Island and who knows she may still be living in Bondi today but if you are out there Sandra Kearnes ( I hope thats the correct spelling anad of course neither of us was married back then) I love  ya and miss ya  -I am always thinking of you, wish we hadnt lost contact all those years ago.

I still havent finished Hidekos bag but that will now go to the top of my agendas of things to finish. I still havent gotten  the correct handles- I dont know wot I did but boy oh boy I stuffed that up- I went online - Ebay of course - And purchased several different types and sizes and isnt it always the way not a one of them fits the top of this bag grrrr, one thing though I DO know know the size I want so Hideko dont worry I wont be much longer finishing your bag I sure hope you like it when I do finish it.

Cols feeling much brighter and is gradually putting everyone out of the jobs they took on when he was so ill. I am grateful for all the help I received but its so nice to have the boss up and at it yet again, he managed to walk 27 holes today with his mates - they play golf every Wednesday and Saturday and talk about a pack of old cronies this lot take the cake, have made friends with several of them and they can be so funny but it gives Col a time away from me and me away from him. We definately do need some time outs occasionally VBG.

Now then plans afoot- I have signed up for a monthly club from the beautiful online shop call Flights of Fancy Boutique (Obviously to fly there you need to add the www and drop the spaces and Capitals and all that n throw in a .com at the end but hey you all KNEW that huh?? anyway the monthly club is called the Trim and Treasure Club I have taken a couple of piccies of some of the trims oooooooh they are so beautful and I havent seen trims and treasures such as they scource anywwhere so if you are like me and in need of some extras in the trims or treasure dept. you could join up yourself I promise you wont be dissapointed Go to the web Site and check out this months Trims and Treasure Club if you dont believe me theres way more in the web store then just the Trim and Treasure  club of course beautiful ribbons and embellishments so go look!!!  The below piccies are all from anyway these are from the February Baggie yup the lot of them, and theres even more in this months offering I am not being paid for this comment I am just a really happy satisfied customer. I have also found that Carole (the owner) is one of the lovely ladies in this world nothing is to much trouble for her- and believe me she must have at times wanted to tear her hair out when I got on the emails but always lovely- thanks for being so wonderful Carole.

"Now Bear" I hear you ask what will you do with these gorjas trims well I am going to make my very first Crazy Quilt with each months trims and embellishments I may find that I have too many in any one month and I am seriously considering if this does happen then I may do a second block or just keep them for other wall Hangings who knows what the future will bring in the line of light bulb happenings in my tired old brain, heavens I even had to correct the spelling on Brain how tired is it - VERY tired.

 So thats what I intend doing and when I get fed up with that for the month maybe I will finish off my UFO's, this year I dont plan on doing much else am not going to be in any Round Robins or the like just want to complete some things wont that make a first.

Anyway thats it for this post - its only taken me 3 days to do it but then I had so many other things going on around here sometimes it doesnt pay to open your mouth I just wind up putting my big number 10 n a half foot into it

Will try and show some more pics next post have lots to show and they are mostly last years that for some reason or the tother just didnt get put up on my blog, do you get the feeling that when I was a young thing that I began full flight with a diary and by the second week of January it was hidden and forgot about - found that years later- and burnt it up on the fire one night wot a load of trifle I did write VBG Much like  can be said of this poor old blog huh?? BUT I do get n occasional entry up way more then I did in that diary of many moons ago

byeee for now hope you enjoy the piccies

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bit late to be saying Merry Xmas and all that jazz

Hi all

         well here it is late as usual ---- good excuse this time-- though I never EVER want this to come again!!!!!

             My darling man 2 weeks before Xmas as most are aware had a heart attack, and was admitted to the local hopsital there and then- sweetheart he is he DROVE to the Hospital with me allthe way saying pull over I can DRIVE!! Only I havent driven much in the past 20 years - post car accident- yes we do have Ambulance Cover as well- but he didnt trust his retired nurses' diagnosis - teach him wont it! When I was finally allowed in the nurse was saying heres the woman who drove him in - I looked at Colin - he did look somewhat sheepish and said oooooh no I didnt he did! He was told by every staff member following that of the ways to come to a hopsital while having a heart attack- gggg

                Anyway a week later the decision was made as Col has a failing Kidney Transplant  to move him to my old Hospiatal the Royal Adelaide - the best in Adelaide nay best in South Australia. so the decision to take Col to theatre was also fraught with danger for the kidney to suffer bady and thought were it would not survive surgery at all, so there were many visits from our renal Unit which is also based at the RAH now, and on the day of surgery the head Thoracic surgeon decided he would do Cols surgery. Cols also got a aortic Valve thats reuired replacement so that was also to be replaced while they did the CABG"- turned oout he needed 43 grafts. When he came out of surgery I could see the Urinary output was not good and over the next 2 weeks it was a fight to get it to function at all  but at present its back to almost a "good" creatinine level.
         Anyway his Surgery took place 2 days before Christmas Day he stayed in Cardio Thoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU)overnight and on Xmas morning he was moved back to the Cardio Thoracic ward. On arrival at the hopital Xmas morning Cols face showed some relief - that we were there and anxiety that he was being taken straight back to CTICU. Looking at him I could see his legs were so enlarged with fluid - he couldnt even lift them off the bed- he had at that stage gained 12 kilos in fluid weight and they needed to take some fast action to get this kidney to begin working again- over the next 2 weeks it was up and down eventually we brought him home still on Lasix to help remove fluid retention that remained - he had recovereed excellently from the cardiac surgery and the only problem was the kidney but as I said earleir at present its playing good for now- the Drs in renal unit believe before the endd of the year or within 6 months depending on which Dr is doing the guesternmation as to which one we believe.

        So as you can imagine our Xmas was not brilliant although New years brought us better news still much worry, although at present he remains quite sore on the right side of his chest - the way the body is positioned during cardiac surgery leads to many suffering from this muscullr pain for some time following surgery and we are just hoping this eases off soon - the Dr have assured Colin that this is the cause of his pain.

       So thats it for me at this stage I have many things to put up - not so much of my creating as I have been on a non getting mind around the problems Cols body was throwing at him day after day there n then and my hands shake like the devil these days when I am having one of these anxiety attacks and boy this was a doozy but my mans here and improving so life is settling down slowly but surely and the ideas are coming back fast and furious so I wont be to long to doing some creating.
        More on that later - please forgive me for being such an awful blogger I hope in the coming weeks to make up for it though and to those of you that have joined me as a followers -wowee I have many new ones I cannot believe it  thank you for following me and I hope you will not be sorry you did

        love n hugs Belinda Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox