Thursday, June 15, 2006

orphan hearts

thanks to Rosemary - the heart within the heart - pinks and poirples etc has been claimed as being our Rosemary's heart ggg goodey Ican add a name to the block back now. Rosemary thinks the pink one could have come the hands of Judy Raney - does anyone have her addy please so I can email her and ask if it is or not??
thanks all

Orphan Hearts

Hewoo all who pass this way - I am trying to work out who did the above hearts for me- it was from the early days of Chain of Hearts - the one with the bear I am fairly sure my dear Mary Curlewis dun did it for me- but can you tell me for sure - the other 2 I cant remember who and I have no names on the back to help me- so please please if you made one of the above hearts please please tell me
love n hugs bear xooxoxoxoxoxxo

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Last in My "First" series (for 2006) of hearts

Hello all,
well the first series of hearts has come to an end, I held off posting this one as Sandie was coming down and was to pick it up when she visited me. I made this heart using all Hannah ribbons, and using Edmar Lola thread in a matching red for the few seams that were left following the roses placement, I really wanted the roses to stand out and be the centre of attention rather then the seams being the centre of attention - so the seam treatment is very simple and unadorned and made to blend in with the fabric. I hope that Sandie likes her heart - as this is from my heart to hers and was a heart I really enjoyed making as it flowed from beginning to end.
love n hugs bear xo

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heart for Dee Shaw

Hello all this wee heart is for Dee Shaw- I hope it comes up to your liking Dee - Twas another to cause me heart ache but eventually these ribbons worked - and so thats what I made it in - they are strange colours to go with each other but they did work didnt they??
It will be on its way with the other hearts eg Pat, Hideo, SusieW and also Sue Huff on Tuesday of this coming week.
Of the original hearts I have only to make my dear Sandies' what a pleasure this one will be its not going to play up on me or anything like that - it had better not Sandie or it will wind up stuck on the ceiling of the lounge room for you to pick it up I mean it ggggggggggg
loves ya
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Jullias Hex Box pattern my version

well here they are the sides and top - its is way outta of my comfort zone- there is some purple in there and pink and theres a lot of that deep red I was talking of- I have used mostly Colour Streams threads- in the thicker thread ?? I can think of the name but I think its called Exotic but its so soft and silky to work with and there are such brilliant colours - the ribbon I used on the top of the Box embroidery is actually Bears dying playaround - I even have some of this riotous coloured ribbon left cant think what dye I used but hey ity is such a close colour match to the Colour Stream thread that I like that I was rapt with the result and then thought heck what can I use this on and so here it is......... I am so totally not sure I like what I have done and thats not lokking for copmpliments I really mean that - the one side with the topiary is driving me crazy- and I can see me either pulling it all off or taking bits and pieces of- its way to top heavy!! aand not "me" at all so its not going to remain there is it gggggg
Anyway I hope you are not to put off by my version of your pattern thank you for giving us this terrific pattern and I really really love yours!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo