Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hearts and Hands For Sendai Part 2

Hewoo again

well I did another square over the weekend and hey I am almost happy with this one can you believe it- I am almost happy with a square - whoohoo - I did introduced a new piece of fabric, the little flowers on the green background, I was thinking of doing one more block and when I have finished my block for the Sendai quilts section I might do another piece up for me or.... with the 4 other blocks I have made up along the way. Just to see if I can do anything remotely nice with them

(Everytime I write the word NICE- I have memories of my High School English Teacher telling me over and over not to use the word Nice in anything that we write - that the word Nice is the most overworked and worst descritpive word and should NEVER EVER Be used _EVER!) Sorry Miss I did it again! oh deary me- does anyone else remember these silly little things from past life as a kid??)

So without further ado here is Block no 4 above that is!

 thats it I guess I dont know if these colours class as Jewel To me they d but Cols going to take me over to Spotlight for a bit of retail thearpy and I may pick up some other colours maybe thats what is causing my Jewel coloured block - it mighten be that I dont think these are good enough to be up there with the other clocks I have seen being submitted oh so gloriousv they are - well we shall see if I come home with some more fabrics well what can I say- we all need to feed the savaage beast called Cq monster and feed her some  more fabric- then she might be happier and bring forth a block thatI shall be happy with - between Viv's ( "Mrs Perfect" and me the "Fabric Monster" I have a feeling us crazy quilters are well named.

night for now - love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

I wanna scream!

Hewoo all

    Generally I dont like bitchin! BUT LOL- Channel 7 and Sporting Car Club both here in Adelaide SA have told everyone that took photos in pit lane that these Photos cannot be posted anywhere - that Channel 7 and Sporting Car Club have the all rights and etc etc etc rubbish to all pictures and as such this very proud mother of a son who puts in a fair amount of VOLUNTEER time to help the Clipsal 500 run the smoothly car race of the year here in Adelaide South Australia and now this very proud Mum cant put up a photo of her kid cos they say no all photo rights belong to us BIG DEAL! Channel 7 and Sporting Car club my poor little blog has 32 followers who come occasionally to see what I have been up to and I would dearly love to show them how proud we (his Dad and Mum) are of this kid of ours and the fact he puts out for them every year and also through out the year at Mallala car circuit free gratis, no money is given or asked for he loves doing this and he even goes without pay from his normal working Job -as he is a Casual and so he doesnt get paid for the 4 days of the CLIPSAL 5oo

    This is mean spirited channel7 and Sporting car club - I am not going to get anything from putting up a photo of my kid in his uniform shirt (they do supply that free  giving credit where its due)) Is it to much to ask to be able to show a photo of my kid in Pit Lane. Pooh to you big germie corporations unfortunately you guys will never know about this complaint even cos none of my followers belong to these grumpy corporations.

    Thanks you one and all who cross this way  for letting me have a grump I really am so cross with the above now named not corporations.

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hearts and Hands For Sendai

Hewoo all

the Crazy quilting International Group have begun a new project called "Hearts and Hands for Sendai" in which the participants - whether crazy or sane quilters will make a block and then send them to a central point to be sewn together into Quilts which will then displayed first and then auctioned  and the money raised being donated to a charity of choice/s. This will be a way that many of us can actually contribute to the Japanese people in a constructive manner. I continue to pray that our friends Hideko and Emiko and their families and all of the Japanese people involved will be safe but each day brings more concerns for all Japanese with the reactor, the aftershocks and now also the cold weather, can anything else go wrong??

Anyway I have been attermpting to make a block for the fundraising quilts - man alive- I havent really done any crazy quilting for quite some time and its showing BIG time - so far I have made 3 blocks - I am telling you block 1 and 2 are terrible, Well to me they are not my normal type block and where they came from who knows BUT block 3 is gettting there and I am sure come block 4 I may even be happy with it- we will see - at present that one is still in my head.

I do not like the way I have used the patterned fabrics in any of them and although Block3 shows crinkles believe me its not - must be an error in the scanning process.but again I have not managed to get a complete animal onto the block in the 2 pieces of patterned materials used grrrrrrrr. Am almost thinking I may just have a plain material only block - will think on that later -But I want to be able to use the best block ---to me this is one of the most impotant pieces of embellished Crazy quilting I have ever made, or will make. So I am being the little Virgo Perfectionist that I am - well every now and then I am a Virgo perfectionist!

Stay Tuned more to come on this subject,.......

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxo

Friday, March 11, 2011


hewoo there one and all

Its with a heavy heart that I write tonight - once more the earth has decided to send its bulk upwards and in an effort to explode it created another earthquake this one in Japan in the prefecture of Sendai, where my lovely Hideko resides with her family.

Noone has heard from Hideko tonight but then thats is to be understood although my heart is screeching out theres little can be done bar prayers for those of us who pray or any other method that anyone quietens their unhappy hearts with prayers to Budda, or the many other forms of religon we have across the globe.

So Hideko and the many thousands caught up in this terrible earthquake and also the Tsunami I am praying for you all, I am especially praying for Hideko and her family but there are so many others involved in this terrible happening today. I hope that those who have loved ones and friends in Japan soon hear from them to let them know they are okay, and I hope and pray that we will hear from our beautiful friend Hideko that she and her family are all safe.

To the many more that will face the might of a Tsunami in the next hours I hope and pray that you have all taken heed of the warnings are on higher ground and well out of the way of the Tsunamis frightful roar. To all be safe please and please I pray we all hear from those we love very soon.

love n hugs belinda (bear) xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

Thursday, March 03, 2011

well I did say I would do......

Hewoo again

Well just a wee 2 days from my last entry and here I am not to say that I am very impressed with my needlework cos I am not But we all have to get back to doing some stitching and after such a long time off and with these shaky old hands playing up its not been a great experience but I promised and I really wanted to give Hayley something to remember me by, and now she may remember me for all the wrong reasons. Her Bubby is due next month and shes a wee tiny little girl - nay woman but so tiny so petite and so big with her wee boy baby. As with all Mums this last month is getting to her but she always has a smile on her face that lights up anywhere she is.

So I grabbed some singlets and a small growsuit for bubby's next summer, I figure that as with all new Mums you get heaps of baby clothes to fit now not so much for the next months after, so thats why I did this little buy. NOW I will tell you so noone has to try and work out wot I have stitched Haylee is Vietnamese in origin, and Australian by choice and this year is the Chinese year of the Rabbit - so these things I havae stitched are RABBITS okay?? the singlets have a bunny facing us with eyes and nose and the growsuit has bunnies  looking away from us so theres a white fluffy tail on them (to be honest I wish I had used this pattern for all of them as it went together so much better then the single Bunnies and if I ever do this again I will definately use the looking away bunnies.So with out any more chat here they are - remember I like the growsuit heaps better then the others gggg and at least the singlets can be hidden under clothes phew!

The singlet with the dark blue bunny looks to me like a gremlem - anyone old enough to remember the movie Gremlins??- and I have taken apart the ears at least 5 times and each time the bear looks the same- I have given up on him I really like the growsuit the best as I say oh well Hayley will more then likely give me one of her beautiful smiles and I will wonder for time immorial whether she really likes them or is being kind. I am sorry that I used my scanner not great pics - the poor cameras card needs downloading its choc a block full. There you go another job for me to do.

Anyway please do let me know how you feel about these poor bunnies, wish I had more time I would take off all the single bunnies and redo them grrrrrr. Why did I decide to do them in the first place .......

Night for now will be starting doing blocks very soon! yippee if I can get these silly hands to stop haking long enough gggg

love Bear xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cats n kittens

hewoo all
this is called Bears catching up on blog entries well this is over a year ago. Most know of the cat who adopted us and was a kinda wild but tamed beautifully, but of course as is the way of these things she was PREGNANT.----NO!! ---- I hear you all say ----- of course she was----it took us a few weeks to get her to trust us and then to get her to trust us to let her in and out of the house, then knowing the date had to be soon well she became a true house cat. As can be seen here she was HUGE I estimated bout 6 and sure enough she gave birth to 6 wee babies, it turned out she had 2 females and 4 boys

The above are the bubbies about a week later, she chose to have the bubbies under the headboard of our bed and it took us a week to convince her that the babies would be fine beside the bed in their box. the next move was to the Laundry that took another 2 weeks but finally all was well and they grew and grew, if you look to the above pic you will notice the all over grey kitten far right hand side of the box this became Smokey the one we kept (thinking she was a he ---even the Vet had to check 2 or 3 times ggg). Kieron kept the other wee girl - she was the trouble maker of the wee crowd. Kirk kept a little boy (actually he was the biggest of them all then)  he was black mostly and has sandy stripes but is a longhair as well as smokey though different  ---he has the most silky long fur really very beautiful -- he was the first born and the most gentle of them all a wee bit slower then the others at times but has caught up and is a delight - you see I have visiting rights to the "grandkids" VBG

This is the tribe following the big move to the laundry, they were about 3 weeks old here and becoming way more mobile and of course Kierons "Tiger Lil" was becoming the boss of the litter by this stage, she had already climbed out of the box and in another week began to work out how to climb over the cat blocking fence that was supposed to keep them in the laundry. anyway they all thrived and were beautiful kittens, I have to take a piccie of the girl now - my "Smokey" these days I call her bubbs more then smokey - well smokey is more a boys name isnt it?? but have a couple of photos of the Mum who is now known as Bea and is desexed (rapidly done after the kittens were weaned) and Bubbs --all of our kittens were desexed the 2 up our home with the sons are in home always Bubbs also is a strictly house cat and Bea well its harder to get her to stay in BUT she comes in every night and goes out after her Brekky, she still catches lots of mice to add to her diet and is a plump happy girl and her daughter our Bubby is FAT contented kitten. When Bea comes in at night and they have their dinner and then the house becomes a play zone and the noise these 2 make while playing has to be heard to understnad how noisy they are but they are both beautiful cats and life around here has mellowed a lot more since we became pet owners again. actually no thats incorrect we are owned by the 2 cats arent all so called pet owners???

These are when Bubbs was very young I know I have another pic of her older but need to download the photos onto the computer - will do that tomorrow so for now you can go ahhhhhhh and isnt she cute, they both are really cute - when tthey are asleep gggg.

If all goes well tomorrow I will show whatI have been working on this week I havae a young friend who is about 6 weeks off having her first baby so being that she is Vietamese born and this year is the Year of the Rabbit I have been doing Bears on some little singlets and a grow suit for her. Athough I am asking myself why seeing how its been so long since I held a needle in my hands did I choose to do Bullions stitches and in Edmars Rayon thread???  Crazy is what I am calling myself at present crazy!

til then
love Bear xoxoxoxoxo