Tuesday, April 09, 2013

hewoo one and all
way long time back I said I would put up pics - slacko me didnt quite forget but I have this past week or so just ooking at this block to see if its done or I need to add more, I could be looking at this forever more I am not sure if its done or  not but here it is. this is a block I made when someone said no putting patterns together, and that sounded like a RULE to me, and in crazy quilting there are NO RULES well theres a few but......... So pattern joined pattern and then I had to stitch the block so its been a case of making the patterns blend and drag the eye away so noone notices that nearly every piece of material joins another patterned piece be they heavily pattern or not.

So theres heaps of new seam treatments, and not much SRE (or silk ribbon embroidery) but hey the next block is covered in ((SRE). that''s later on here it is for better or worse the pink block

please let me know what you think  of the pink block from hell VBG!
love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo