Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year one and all

I hope that all had a wonderful New Year (and also Christmas and any other holidays that are not mentioned), ours was very quiet, there were some issues but heck I am not starting the year with that lot lets just say life is back to quiet and peaceful at present.

I was working on my Boho bag though wots that I hear you all say??? well Boho is short for Bohemian bag and if you do the numbers on my age you will work out I was around when I could and did wear flowers in my hair LOL. The pattern comes from the one and only Pat Winter. Pat has a  magazine that began last year - crazy quilting oriented but also has a magazine on making a Boho Bag. Very well written and easy to follow interested - head to the above link and ......... Anyway I have been stitching and pulling apart and stitching!!

Do you like how its coming along- I cheated a lot with this - yes I did do my spider-web roses - they are hidden in there. The Gypsy pic is also a gift from Pat- its in her book and also her magazine - Autumn 2011. Anyway I had a lot of the wee flowers but they are not all ones I picked up along the way _I also made stacks myself they are so easy and make up so quickly.

Anyway I will make the bag up and let you all see the finished  item.. I already have plans for another one. Pat Winter you have much to answer for LOL you are so right when you say try and stop at just one. Oh and BTW no I am not getting anything for this plug but Pats magazine is orientated for CQ and comes out 4 times a year (personally I want it bi-monthly but hey I am pushy! If interested please go to the link and look at the info there.

love n hugs
Bear xoxoxoxoxo