Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas well its past by so happy New year to all

Xmas ---well oh deary me ----it flew past me and I just didnt get to my poor blog its been such an up and down year what with ill health and then with that small operation on my right hand wedding finger - which could have resulted in me having a "dead" finger but for all of the worry etc didnt and now its healing perfectly so I am going to start stitching again in the new year - but for now I want to wish my loved ones and my friends who have stuck by my ups and downs and months in between blogging entries a very Happy New year to all. and my New Year resolution is to be a better blogger- well I will be because I will be doing lots of stitching and will be able to show some things as I go along- thats the plan anyway!

 I have finally been able to purchase a set of Miss Carole Samples Templates and will be doing a A -Z of Crazy Quilting using Miss Caroles' Treasury  book and her Templates will also figure in this teachings as well, to say I am looking forward to doing this is an understatement.To have finally gotten my own copy of Miss Caroles Templates- well whoo hoo yabba dabba do and anything else you would scream at the top of your lungs to celerbrate getting something I have chased for at least 3 years.

 So for now I am going to enjoy setting up my blocks I intend to use for this and taking the next week nic e and easy  and I will be all ready for when this begins !! Yippee! And I will be watching the post people for the mail carrying my Templates to me hopefully they will be flying on angels wings and be here before much time elapses hope!

So for now- thank you for hanging around waiting for me to write and entry and maybe put in a picture sorry none available- Kierons' got the good camera mmmmmmmm better get that back for a bit, I have tamed a very wild little kitten who is so pregnant shes about to have them any old day so I would love to get a picture of her before her kittens are born etc (once shes had her kittens when they are  around 7 weeks of age she will be speyed and then she will be a lovely little girl shes so smoochy people dont believe she was wild til they try to pat her then she takes off- but Kirk's getting there she allowed him to stroke her Xmas Day so he was chuffed!

Anyway  I hope your Xmas was lovely and Santa brought you all you desired or could afford gggg and that you have a Very Happy and safe New Year - if in one of the countries where its winter stay lovely and warm and if here well try to stay cooler and wherever you are stay safe please  Happy New Year all

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox