Sunday, June 08, 2008

A WIP previously known as a UFO takes shape

Hewoo there all

well here it is a day later and bears being a good little blogger and trying to keep up with wot I have been playing wiv. Well this WIP has been such since way back in 2005 ummmmmm that's a wee while ago is it not?? Anyway one of my favourite magazines "Embroidery And Cross Stitch" Vol 11 No 8 was released and inside was a lovely item named Victorian Beaded Box which had been submitted to the mag for publication by Julia C who for many years has been on several yahoo lists with me, and who in my humble opinion is one of Australia's nay one of our worlds best and foremost embroiders. Julia has been published many times in this magazine and I have often wondered why they or for that matter never asked Julia to venture into a Book on her beautiful embroidery style, if you have the idea I love Julias' embroidery style you would be quite right.
Anyway this beautiful Victorian Beaded Box of Julias' was actually embroidered in a delightful pale purple and those of you who know me well will think ah ha the bears done hers likewise - wrong! Yup totally wrong and why I have no idea but I began to make mine and I had several dyed motifs in this weird colour and thought ah ha I can get rid of them on this item. I must admit I worried but on exploring beads and flower beads, and charms etc I found enough to make the box up in these colours.

So I began - the actual embroidering was never the problem with this item nope finished that fairly quick so wot did take the time - well the outside edges of this box are all completed with blanket stitch, Julia had continued her purple colouring with a matching light purple thread but mine was a totally different colour LOL so to begin it I first used a similar colour thread did several panels and I let it sit for a while somewhere I could see the panels day after day but not all the time, during this time I realised I hater the edge colour it screamed at me sho8uldnt have but did! So I then took all of that stitching apart - and let it sit again for a bit- these bits could be related to months more then days while I went on to make fully other projects or other WIP as well. So one day I was looking for something to play with and my hands pulled out this project yet again mmmmmmm wot to do- so I dragged out the box with all my Rajmahal threads in it and saw the pale gold colour yup I thought many charms are in this colour maybe that will do, so away with the needle and gold thread -this time I did the entire set of panels and the bottom base and the top lid but something was telling me I don't really like this so back onto the table for the looking at period to see if I did or didn't continue mmm months passed again as other things were completed or begun and thrown in to the WIP boxes. Now about this time it was decided on one of my yahoo list that a Gathering of us Crazy quilters would be held at the list Mommas home up bush SA, and it was then I dragged this thing out from the delths to look at again and it was then I confessed to Julia how I had been over time being making her lovely pattern up and so had some others and we decided yup we will finish them and bring them to the gathering. unfortunately things happened and while I was stitching the panels together etc. and was about to stitch the base to the panels that I found Col and I couldn't make the gathering after all. Well this had 2 effects on me- I decided that I HATED that gold colour it just didnt look right sooooooooo I again sat down and pulled all of this stitching apart now remember I was at the stage of so close to completing this that I was very tempted to put it back in the box of WIP but I didn't - I again pulled out boxes of rayon threads and found a green DMC rayon thread and finally finally I had the colour why hadn't I tried that before I wondered well I began again finishing 3 panels and then something else happened and away it went AGAIN!- heavens I thought will I ever finish this or will it go into the " not going to be done box". Somehow it managed to come up for air again just in the past 2 weeks- I was looking for something to finish as I had completed Jacques CQ Block and was at loose ends didn't know wot to do start something so one night to my Dads horror I dragged 3 boxes out and began to go through them pulling out this and that unfinished project when again my hands hit this one so its come up for air yet again and I have now finished all panels and the lids been finished as well and I am about to complete the base in the blanket stitch - wonder of all I LIKE the colour still so I reckin I might just maybe I may finish it this time - BUT with my hands so bad and winter here I have had to use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the needle through the 2 pieces of cardboard and pellon and fabric and I have tried to join 2 panels and I am looking for a curved needle I know I have I really do not want to put this way unfinished again cos I think that would be the very end I wouldn't bring it up for air again! I have managed to break 3 needles so far this time- I look at it this way they were crook needles and pull out another one to carry on I MUST Finish it I really must finish it! If I keep repeating the mantra I might - I just might finish it this time! Its a wonder the panels etc. are still in one piece with all of the stitching and pulling apart etc. isn't it??

Anyway I will now put the pics up and call it a night - I have a couple hundred emails waiting to be read, and its cold and miserable its even begun to rain how bout that?? Its raining in dear old cold and drought ridden Adelaide - yeah keep on coming down rain pretty please.

love n hugs all
Bear xoxoxoxoxoxox

Saturday, June 07, 2008

OOPSA its June wot happened to May??

Dear all,

howzat I can talk proper! But not four long I wont!

Hewoo one and all

there that sounds more like me dont it??? So wots been happenings out there while I been lost and unaccounted for another hole month -cant even say I was hibernating --could say I was practising though its only now our official winter period- someone somewhere many eons ago decided that in Australia we would have offically the 1st of June being the first day of winter - (so then the 1st September is the beginning of Spring - ooooooh lovely, December 1 is the first of Summer and then the 1st of March is the first of Autumn) how this came about is not for me to say - after all I'sea a widdle bear person and not all that worried bout it and considering that my all time favourite season is Spring that I can class myself as a true bear - person gg.

Okay so why am I nattering on like an idiot old bear -- well 2 days ago for those not up wiv it that being the 5th of June my old man and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary now normally I wouldn't be blogging on about that BUT Maureen B asked me was I gunna blog and show my lovely pressie that my darling bought his hunny bear and so that's wot I am doing - its for those who may wanna know a Pierre Cardin watch bracelet and it has 7 hearts on the bracelet --one being the watch and the piccies awful cos its got 2 hearts covered wiv tiny Swarovski beads there's about 27 per heart so they are tiny but they do pack a punch out in the sun when it gets on them ggggg and I-- well gang I love it- its big bold and brassy like me gggg

So wot did I get himself - well I dun got him a pair of golf shoes and apparently all morning his buddies at the normal Cudlee Creek "Old Mans" Golf Club Saturday meeting --gave him heapsa for his new shoes, oh yeah and he also wore a new top - heck the way they do carry on ya would think he never gets nuffin new poor darling man!! I must admit though I chose the shirt and I take no blame for the shoes being that they are WHITE, BLACK AND TAN- yup Col is a lair and always has been and just cos he has qualified for his seniors card (U has to be 60 for that one gg) he is and always will be a lair BUT I love him for it --life surely never dull around Colly!! Hes already requesting a particular type of white and Tan shoe polish. Gotta keep these clean and shiny n GLARING at them I wonder if they realise hes got a special something in these shoes and when they do tweak hes winning even more -well then they might -- its special stuff and its to put the opposition off their game --- so Edwardo might change his mind about the ribbing he gave poor darling Col today - he thought he ought to turn it off today and give them half a chance to catch him up on the score board but its coming Edwardo its coming!!! After all Collie is leading All 3 of the competitions on offer at the club, and the physio told him yesterday Edwardo he might not even need the operation so look out dear man look out ggggg

The fact that we both remembered it is a miracle in itself - we have had a few years where it would suddenly occur to me that way back in June we had knocked up another year on the anniversary ratings . Now All I need is for something or someone to remind me that its coming in 3 years cos that will be our Ruby Anniversary and I wanna have a certain male to remember its a ruby year gggg.Anyone out there wanna take on that job its not hard --- you just have to do this -at least one month before a reminder should be sent to me to remember to remind Collie that's its the RUBY year gggg thanks a lot!

oh ahhhhh I love that man - - best decision I ever made! oh well til next time which wont be far off I got some piccies to show of a WIP, nope no longer will I refer to my UFO"s as that from hence forth (like that??) well now from hence forth this bear is gunna call all those UFO's as -- WIP - ie work in progress, never mind that this particular one is many many years old but more on that when I blog the pics okay so for now its night Maureen , and its night night Edwardo, and its night night to yas all -

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox