Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hewoo I have been playing around...................

Hewoo one and all that wander past this place of quite repose.

My, oh my where did that all come from - I do carry on at times dont I??? said without the plum in my mouth!
I have been doing stuff - what stuff I hear you ask??- Well I began a second block for Sendai and I have finished that and I also added more to block 1 so see I have been a bizyy little bear..ok so first things first this is the first block redo- I added some things - filledd in some spaces etc and played and played until I knew I couldnt add one more thing -- well not quite true-I am going to add a small gold bead on top of and to the bottom of the gold heart in the centre but then that is it this will finally be on its way to Leslie  of CQI tomorrow with all good will happening.

 and well without any more mucking about heres block 2, I had not even really given any thought of doing the second block - sort of a maybe anad then the idea crept up and on to me and I thought well why the heck not so although you will notice similarities you wont find all the same things  ie no Lily of the valley but more roses so many more roses that I have nicknamed this block -I promised you a rose garden, and then I added some daisies to bring in the white ribbon of the first  blocks and lets face it a rose garden will often have showing their dainty faces to the sun a whole slew of daisies well they did before I let Col loose in our front rose garden he pulled out my daisies and put in Diosmas and they have overgrown and they too will be being pulled this year - I shouldnt let Col near my roses gardens should I?? But I do need him to do the hard yakka of digging and plantine and the often judicious job of pulling something out that actually needs to be yanked but I have to be right there or he goes berserk!!


How did I get onto that?? I hope that you my readers enjoy the eye candy - I hope they are good enough for our Leslie and that she has a quiet corner to shove them into on her beautiful quilts that will soon being made to send to Sendai, I have enjoyed doing this project - it takes me more time these days - arthritis in the hands isnt good but I got there now to complete Hidekos purse I hope the purse clasp fits in easily its all that is left to do now and I wanted to complete these blocks and now onto her purse, my sweet friend is patience personified she has waited so long now for this! I will take a piccies of that before I send it to her and thats a promise! Please do let me know your thoughts on these blocks and yes you can  point out mistakes - I am still learning!...........................

Anyway thats it for this time,keep well and enjoy life

Til next time we meet

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Heavens where did April disappear off to??.......

Hewoo all

well I know I can hear you all say shes gone and disappeared not to be heard of for months- wrong dear friends of this blog wrong- I have been doing much embroidery - I talked myself into doing a second block for Hearts to Sendai ----- and I have promised Lesley that I will also send over the other two blocks I made up she has kindly said she will find someone to do them or one or whatever. So thats great- my right hand is giving me"Curry" - translation from Ozzie slang - ny hand is hurting like mad!!! actually the REAL translation is far worse then that but I am not swearing on my blog no way! LOL,

I have also tried to get the purse clasp onto the handbag I am making for my darling friend Hideko - it just is not cooperating- I cant work it out- when I made Becs wedding purse the clasp went in like -so easy -- now this one is deter,ined its going to cause me heart failure BUT I have left it alone and am doing the block for Sendai and then I  AM GOING to FORCE IT If thats what it NEEDS but the clasp is going to be on the bag and its also going to be off to Sendai (well the blocks are off to Lesley first for the making of the quilts, then to Sendai, whereas the handbag is a private swap between Hideko and I - I have my beautiful bag here tht Hideko masde for me looking at me- its so beautiful.

Anyway thats where I am at - almost completed block 2 and will scan it when its completed and put the scan up then so you can tell me if n you like it or not- I have tried to have them somewhat alike but there are differences as well. But thats to be soon dear friends of my blog soon!

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxox