Wednesday, August 04, 2010

here I am at long last

Hewoo one and all

one thing I can be relied on- is that one day I will turn up and begin to talk again via my poor woe begotten blog and it has  been an age hasnt it? -  Life and all its joys and mishaps, ill health and weather keep on  getting in the way and I am sorry to be so lame but hey here I am finally - I will never get a prize for the most followers but I sure have the most reliable friends they stick around when its months in between my "wanderings of finger and mind".

I have a few things to add to my dear blog the first is an embroidered square that I made for a couple of lovely friends of mine who are also in a couple of the yahoo groups I am in as well. So please bear with me and we will catch up the past 6 months shall we?? I have been terribly slack in my embroidery this year - I am finding my hands are suffering terribly this winter and if its one thing most South Aussies are all in agreement with - its this horrid winter we are having- its cold cold cold! an its wet wet wet. Today is a humdinger we have a weather front that has been brought up from Antartica and its VERY COLD struggling to get to 12 degrees Celsius even and rain its been steady most of the day and then theres the winds straight off the ice so you can imagine how its all feeling. BUT enough of that I have a tale to tell and lets get this show on the road!

At the beginning of the year two dear friends on a couple of yahoo lists announce they were to marry at the Doll Retreat at Sherry Goshons home in September. Unfortuatly my broomstick is in the shop to be fix and you can imagine the costs that the Elves mecanics will charge once they have fixed it up not just fixing it mechaniclaly but also to take the extra weight I have gained- More of that later>

  one of these friends Jeff  asked who would like to contribute by stitching a square of fabric for a wedding Canopy, So I said yup I would at least part of me will be in attendence at the wedding wont it?? On the day I received the fabric I also found my Country Bumpkin produced "Inspirations" Issue 65 (2010) was on sale. So I collected that and off home we went. Once I sat down and took my time to begin to go through the magazine I was astounded to find an article on a type of embroidery called Kantha Embroidery.According to the articles author Margaret Light (of Australia) this type of embroidery has been around for many centuries although sadly not many pieces of the embroidery has survived the centuries. According to the history interest began to stir again in the 1980's and luckily for me there was a beautiful example that Ms Light had produced for the magazine. The Embroidery has been used over the centuries for weddings, births, etc celebrations of all types and I thought it perfect for this wedding square. If you look at the picture below  you will notice it is a "Naive" type of stitching - although my square does not do the justice to this Kantha Embroidery that Ms Lights does. (the magazine showed  "Rainbow of Dreams" which was a beautiful example of Kantha embroidery on a pillowcase and top sheet for a younng child. Although the elephants etc were also from the original examples of Kantha embroidery over time.

I so very much hope that Jeff and Bruce like their piece of Kantha embroidery that I have made for them and I sincerely apologise to you Margaret Light for the not so beautiful piece of Kantha embroidery I have sewn. yours was truly beautiful. Jeff and Bruce will after the wedding ceremony have the squares that their friends made them sewn into a quilt and therefore have memoriies of their wedding and their friends to look at for "Centuries" to come Good Luck and Best wishes I hope your wedding will be held on a brautiful day in September and that you carry the loving wishes of all your friends present and from afar.

love n hugs Belinda xo

Reference: Inspirations
                Issue 65. 2010
 Article     "Rainbow of Dreams " pages46 - 57
Author       Margaret Light (Australia)
Publisher   Country Bumpkin
                 Adelaide, South Australia.

the square I made for Jeff and Bruce's wedding canopy

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