Friday, December 14, 2007

Goodness me its December already

Front of chair
Back of chair
Right side of chair
left side of chair

Hewoo one and all

Well its almost Christmas and then all to soon it will be the New Years holiday and we will be into yet another year and as I age they seem to fly so fast.

So what have I been up to the past couple of months- well I was lucky enough to be given a scholarship into Jean Bernard's Fantasy Chair Class ( ) I had such fun doing the class and in learning so many new techniques and in the process made a passable fantasy chair, I am so surprised as when I was young and doing art at school I couldn't do anything like this - no way- in those days put me in front of a potters wheel and I was a happy person and then glazing it yup that to me was huge fun. But when it came to sculpting well I was a dead loss to the sculpting world. mind you there were several times when the wonderful Jean would have to remind me to "breathe Bear Breathe" and once I did its was like a light bulb would go on and the solution to the problem was there. Mind you there are many things I dislike about my chair BUT I also realise this is the first time I have ever attempted something like this and I can only improve right??

In making this fantasy chair we used products like Aves Apoxie Sculpt ( ) and Paverpol ( and lots of new colours in paints that I had never even heard of and was so lucky to be given some test pots by Di ( thank you so very much Di- they were Golden interference paints- woweee do they POP when used and Jean also had us using Decorart paints and also Decorart Sandstones ( ) and they were both great products again thanks to Di I tried the paints out and can see why she told me to try them they really are the most beautiful metallic colours I have ever used. I will have to buy some for future use LOL Will I play again oh yes I surely will the class is available through the lovely Lisa's web site (Lisa was also involved in the scholarship and I'd like to say thank you to Lisa also ( )

All in all between the wonderful tutor and the wonderful and crazy classmates- ooh I have made some wonderfully crazy new mates there I believe this whole experience has been Fantastic and would I do it again - oh yeah - in a heartbeat-I gonna save my bikkies Jean I am really!! That wonderful tree woman sings to me she really is singing to me from the moment I saw her I KNEW!! Shes just sings gggg

I suppose you might like to see my chair would ya?? well I will attempt to put it on here as usual its hit and miss but its been a really fun couple of months !! (Yup the fun began when we got our supplies list ggggg Poor Jeannie baby I thought we would send her beresk gg) As usual its above the words- one day I WILL learn how to get it below or even in between that would be good ggggg but lets not push things to far and to fast remember bears getting older by the second hey??

Love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo