Tuesday, October 26, 2010

oh deary me

Hewoo all

I'm late, Im late for a very  impoortant date. Sorry one and all- I was going to show last night - but last night I spent mostly on the bed- I have teeth problems and am about to become a toothless bear - oh hhhhhhhhh ahhhh how horrid to think I even said it but there ya go I will be toothless very soon and lost 3 biggies yesterday and wound up on the bed most of the day/night man it took it outta me!So will you all forgive me- here I am bright and early - well for me it is

I have scanned the two sides of my wee sewng tidy bag not sure if I will do anything on the other two sides or not yet --so with out further ado- there are slight differences between the 2 sides and its easy to pick I can so I am sure others of yas will as wll but I believe in small errors to show that a human did this embroidery not a machine if you know wot I mean!

The original project was called "Summer Fruit"" by Jan Kerton. Jan is a beautiful embroiderer and also smocker-- shes one of those women you admire from afar that nomatter wot she does its glorious. This project of hers had strawberries and blackberries, bees spiders (eek none of them on my stuff  EVER" anyway should anyone want to have a look at the original project and perhaps make your own version of the project as I have done - you can find it in Country Bumpkins publication called "Embroidered Bags and Purses" isbn 0-9750920-2-2

The pictures are the wrong angle at present on these scans can u imagine the scans are triangle shaped (which they are) and the single red rose is up the top of the picture okay I am heading back to bed- yup I am being a real woosy baby but its hurting and I lost a fair amount of the red coloured stuff that runs in our arteries yesterday - U really wanted to hear all that didnt ya??? ggggg I am away catch up again soon have a great day wherever you arae in the world today/night

loves n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

Sunday, October 24, 2010

here it is sunday night

hewoo all

just a quick and easy blog tonight with a bit of a tease- if you remember a couple of blogs ago I showed a piece of work I was unhappy with??? well now I have  3 pieces that first is torn in shreds all that is  left is the back faabric and some leaves and bits and pieces- told ya I didnt like it ggggg(bears giggling here why put lol or roflol when a nice gentle way of laffing is ggggg more lady like even if I aint no lady gg.

okay enuff bear no more - back to the tease its so late here and I am watching "Angels and Demons" again on Satellite TV and not in the mood to go turn on my scanner So tomorrow come back and in the day sometime - not telling when but sometime I will scan the 2 new pieces I have done and guess what if you look closely you will see they aint no identical pieces theres big differences but a blind man would be happy to see them ggg

so nighty night you living on the other side of the big pond have a fantastic Sunday, and to us on this side of the pond pleasant dreams and see ya tomorrow!
nighty night

bear xxoxoxox

ps the reasons I cant pin me down and tell ya when I will put up my pretties - well in the am I have a dental appointment in the am
and in the pm a podiatry appointment thiss getting old is for the birds not humans!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

added neoworx

Hewoo one and all

I added neoworx this past week and its been  such an eyeopener for moi. I had thought my little blog had just a few friends popping in to see wot the bear had been up to on the few times I wrote to my poor bog. Thats just not true I began getting little emails from neoworx you have just had a visitor from  ......... What an eyeopener it has been for this middle aged old lady, I have been wondering now who these unknown people are - do they just arrive here  by acciddent or is it pot luck they put a pin in the wall and go hither to an Australian Blog.

"It doesnt work that way Bear" I hear you mutter at me, so tell me how does it work?? Somewhere on my blog it tells me how long I have been blogging - back in a mo, ggggg (giggling bears expression of laffter) okay I went all the way back and I have been kinda blogging since April 3rd 2006. Not long and certainly will never been known for the amount of blogging I do, but since then I have been in this little world  of mine thinking only a few people ever come to my blog's door and have a peep at wot I say or do.

So that being said -- who are these people and why dont they stop and say something??? comments like -" heck I dont get your  blog"  or "hey this is terrific why dont you do more", or just "hey I stopped by and am just saying hewoo to ya". You are out there my little neoworx emailler is telling on ya, so please come on --- say something, tell me you stopped by --- I would love to hear from you all  ----after all you live in such amazing places, my neoworx counter is telling me so!

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, October 14, 2010

here it is October and wots more the second week of October

hewoo all
whoohoo I have 18 followers now unreal considering how bad I am at blogging a post, you all have no idea how special I think you are for being here with me and being so patient waiting and waiting for me to blog something- Ok so this one is one that is going to end up in the pile of "heck thats lousey" and I am going to bury this piece somewhere really far down in that pile of " never to be finished items".

why I hear you ask- well the leaves for a start and then the way in which I have put the roses onto the fabric, the symmetary etc- I very rarely do a drawing of what I am thinking off doing - maybe thats what I should do- I have now yup only cos I dont like this piece LOL U are wondering what its going to be well ages ago there was a cute sewing bag pattern - it was made up with strawberries and blackberries embroidering and also some wee creatures, well I am not one to do heapsa of brazillian type or stumpwork embroidery, but I liked the pattern of the sewing bag its cute- I will flush out the name of the embroiderer and the mag I am nearly 100% sure it was in Country Bumpkins published Embroided bags etc- I will  find it tomorrow and give the names etc.

Anyway I adore the pattern for the sewing bag and I had some lovely rich coloured ribbons- Hannah Ribbons - you know them as the bias cut ribbons lovely,oh so  lovely to play with so I thought I would cut them down the middle - (these are wide ribbons) and play with some spider Web roses. Why I have become noted for the way I do my spider Web roses is amazing seeing as how I hate and am frightened of spiders?? I wont  even have spiders webs on my CQ stuff (although sadly some ladies have put them on patches on patches made for  past Round robins. )So I thought its been a while since I put anything on my poor little blog that I would give you a look of a failed piece lol too many leaves not symmetrical all over the place, all close colors of leaves LOLdont like them.

Thank you again followers and non followers for dropping by and having a look at this piece, I still have to sew the wee bag together having trouble finding a handle for it in the colour gold, either to big to small or black not gold and even worse silver dang it all! please feel free to give me your thoughts on this subject.

love n hugs bear xooxo