Friday, September 07, 2012

Hewoo I am about again

Hewoo one and all
sorry to have been missing in blogland, but Col finally gave in and began dialysis again. -24 years, 2 weeks and some days after transplant it (the transplanted kidney that is) had officially failed and he was recommenced on dialysis. spent some weeks in acute and maintenance dialysis, which settled him back into dialysis and we waited for our turn to join the Home Dialysis training which was a shock to the system but finally we got it together and came home to begin dialysis at home 2 weeks ago my where does time go. Its just flying by, how are we going well it gets easier each session the training prepared us for many things and most have happened in the past 2 weeks but hey we have managed to survive and we are both here so we are doing fine I guess. Col is looking so much better and says he feels a whole heap better and its so good to see him regaining weight no more throwing up at the mere thought of food for him LOL.

So what have I been doing - well I have been doing some embroidery as you can imagine I haven't had a whole  heap of time but when I did have some spare time I embroidered some more of the wee squares for the language of Flowers series - all I have to do is get some photos and scan them for you all to see what I have been playing at I will try and do that in he next couple of days. I also have added some more flowers to the Boho bag well the first one that is - I couldn't help myself something just didn't seem right so I had to add on, I haven't even looked at the pink Boho bag for an age so that will no doubt have much to tell me when I do look at it no doubt hey??

So dear friends just a short note tonight-- I wanted to let those who have hung  about here that I am alive and I am surviving and will get back into the groove of embroidery and blogging now that we are not constantly in the car going somewhere to do something. Thank heavens for that it is really very tiring driving here there and everywhere. LOL

I promised to get those pics done soon as and I will post them quicker then I do normally - promise!!!

love n hugs always Bear xoxo