Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Year Is Fast Disappearing

Hewoo all
well where has this year gone to???
Colin and I are doing his dialysis at home now, I find it tiring and at times very emotional, I cant help but blame myself for  not taking better care of my body and therefore a kidney would have been his for the taking but for now we wait his turn for a second kidney hopefully he will receive another one.

So apart from that life goes on I have not been embroidering very much BUT I have completed a few of those 6 inch Meaning of Flowers that I have been making- they can be bought from  Miss Valerie Bothell  such a lovely experience shopping at the Pink Bunny I also have bought some gorjus laces there as well as threads. I have a couple of PINK do u believe it - PINK blocks I dont know what came over me but hey there U have it PINK anyone would think I am joining the girls brigard at this rate, I will take some pics of them one day soon LOL that means months no doubt at this rate am so looking forward to next year its got to be a better year then this one has been!

                                          the pink one above is Camellia

                                              This lovely little one is of Water Lillies

  This is Queens Annes' Lace and has not been completed as yet loads of beading to follow this block

                                                andThis lovely cheery block is a Christmas one
                                                 (NO ur kidding arent u bear???LOL)

 So finally I have been to my poor neglected blog I am so sad that I haven't been here much this year. All I can say is maybe next year will be such a better year for the family of bears - and I will be able to get my mind working to do some more embroidery. It does help my jagged nerves to sit and use my needle and thread to create something pretty.
I will be back much quicker then I have been this time - I am working on the PINK block at night so I may even finish a PINK block sooner rather then later. I really wanna share these pink ones gggg

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxooxo