Monday, February 02, 2009

oh no its February ALREADY!!

Well I have blown the one and only resolution this past New Years Eve- which was to be kinder to my blog and try and do at least a weekly summery of my week or month it seems.

South Australia is in the middle of a heat wave and although I live in a suburb of Adelaide we live in the plains and its temperatures are well believeing whoever between 3 and 5 degrees hotter in summer and likewise in winter. For those who dont understand it when I mention our temps have been up in the high 40 degrees in fact one day was 49.5 and you are thinking thats cold sorry wrong side of the world- we practice talking in Celsius when doing Temps for weather etc So 49.5 is in fact Horridly hot and in Farenheit is 120 and a wee bit. Hot and yes as the crow flie we live 30 kilos from Adeliade (it takes much longer these days with all the new housing going up out this way and where I could get into town in the 30 minutes now it takes more like the 45 -60 minutes. Oh the price of modernisation and seeing all those wheat paddocks that once had wheat growing or sheep grazing now its homes and more homes and less land available for the former. Theres a new settlement about to open up on some of the last farming areas on the Main North Road to Gawler. There is some but I wonder for how much more time before thats all built up as well> Pity everyone has worked out that this is a great state to live in and living North of the city is great.
well thats it for tonight- I WILL write more tomorrow I hope! I have lots to show and tell be good to each other and sleep well or enjoy your day at work or play
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox