Thursday, November 24, 2011

I have joined the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012

Hewoo all

I guess you are all getting sick of me being all talk and no piccies - sorry this will be the last one for a bit but wanted to let you all know about the  this is a way of geetting Crazy Quilting out there and to be seen by more people.

Basically each participant (yup I am IN) makes a 6x6 inch block each month (hey these can be bigger - once again go check the link gang) and embellish it then sent a piccie of it to the web addie and it will be put up on a web page. I am really looking forward to this as I have been getting trims and bits and bobs for over 12 months now to make myself sit down and either make a wall hanging or begin a quilt for us, this I hope is going to force me to do it and one block a month isnt too terrible taxing - well is it????

 So if you are interested please hit the link above and read the ruels/ regulations and the where and why fors its all so much more made of plain sense  on their blog then I am here........

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, November 21, 2011

To those who werent able to do TAST last year read on!

Hewoo there all my dear friends

Sharon Bogon has just announced on her http:// that next year she will again do her wonderful Take A Stitch Tuesday, whats tht I hear you say ---dont know what it is all about - well do go to the web page and read on.

Briefly though  - Sharon picks a Stitch for the Challenge and each indivual works  the stitch for a week. You can put in as much effort as you want to- some will really take the stitch and work many different ways of including it or just make the one stitch and learn it really well. Each Challenge stitch is there on Tuesday and is worked on for a week- you can show it to all or not - your choice again ...... such a laid back Challenge - no making you feel guilty cos Sharon is not like that, this is a Challenge you can enjoy and whats more you will learn so much.

Sharon is an absolute doll and makes this challenge as guilt free as she can- this is a challenge for the indivdual to get the most out of the challenge that they can.

Please please go to Sharons web page- and read the instructions -Sharon explains it so MUCH better then I have here and also  you will need to send her an email etc with your details - but again, please go to Sharons web page - it DOES explain all of this so much clearer then I have ............

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxoxoo

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

well its been such a while hasnt it??

 Hewoo All

                Well the winter flu season caught up with us here and bang it really hit the three of us fortunately our 2 kids were lucky and caught a mild version and were up and back in action with in a week. Dad also managed to get over the worst of it in  a little over a week while Col and I went down and it took us 4 weeks to finally say well I am feeling better and even alive now. Wont go into the boring details - least said and all that - but it was a horrid thing and my bed and I became very good buddies while Col and his beloved recliner chair became better buddies then they normally are - heck he even came and had a sleep on the bed in the daytime several times- UNHEARD of  but he did I was thinking the man is THAT sick hell better get the willls signed and sealed, but hey hes all better again PHEW !

               I figure you all deserve an update on my sewing- Nothing was attempted while I was ill so nothing has been completed -- boohoo - I know Hideko is probably sick of hearing this but hers is on the way again- I am actualluy about to set the sewing machine in to action and sew the seams of the bag n the lining -- now --- this very --afternoon - do u believe it- no I dont either but who knows if I do U will see the noise on here tomorrow or the next day. I have completely redone Hidekos bag - the other one just didnt set me alight - I just couldnt get the enthusiasm moving for it -----so I completely redid the bag no, no photos til its finished and on its way to Hideko I think everyone will pass out the day I say its in the post and going to her I know I will  heavens its been a long long time........

                So until later I will say - adieu. Take care you all.-- I will be back and will try to be a bit better and  be here a bit more often then I have been.

                                               love n hugs to all Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox