Tuesday, November 08, 2011

well its been such a while hasnt it??

 Hewoo All

                Well the winter flu season caught up with us here and bang it really hit the three of us fortunately our 2 kids were lucky and caught a mild version and were up and back in action with in a week. Dad also managed to get over the worst of it in  a little over a week while Col and I went down and it took us 4 weeks to finally say well I am feeling better and even alive now. Wont go into the boring details - least said and all that - but it was a horrid thing and my bed and I became very good buddies while Col and his beloved recliner chair became better buddies then they normally are - heck he even came and had a sleep on the bed in the daytime several times- UNHEARD of  but he did I was thinking the man is THAT sick hell better get the willls signed and sealed, but hey hes all better again PHEW !

               I figure you all deserve an update on my sewing- Nothing was attempted while I was ill so nothing has been completed -- boohoo - I know Hideko is probably sick of hearing this but hers is on the way again- I am actualluy about to set the sewing machine in to action and sew the seams of the bag n the lining -- now --- this very --afternoon - do u believe it- no I dont either but who knows if I do U will see the noise on here tomorrow or the next day. I have completely redone Hidekos bag - the other one just didnt set me alight - I just couldnt get the enthusiasm moving for it -----so I completely redid the bag no, no photos til its finished and on its way to Hideko I think everyone will pass out the day I say its in the post and going to her I know I will  heavens its been a long long time........

                So until later I will say - adieu. Take care you all.-- I will be back and will try to be a bit better and  be here a bit more often then I have been.

                                               love n hugs to all Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


thomaru said...
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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Bear! I am happy to hear you are getting over the flu at last! What a nasty bug that has been, eh?

crafty cat corner said...

Hi, I love your crazy blocks and have been making some myself.
My question is, what to do with them?
I have several on the shelf but to make a quilt would be far too heavy, so, what do I do with the finished blocks, I don't want to stop making them as I enjoy it so much


Hope you are on the mend!

I absolutely love your gorgeous stitch work!