Friday, September 01, 2006

I am improving- I think!!

Hewoo all

I guess I have been MIA for a while- this bug really had me by the throat and I was feeling miserable and I just couldnt get myself up and moving- anyway whether its been the past 2 days of beautiful delightful sunshine and warm weather or its (the bug) finally run its course I am feeling better- touch wood- yup the bear is superstitious and how!!

Anyway here we are the first day of September and its the first day of Spring- the season of reawakening dowunder!! and I feel the same- reawakening- well I am a bear after all and I do as all bears do - I hibernate in winter and big time!! So I have poked my nose out the door and saw the sun was up and beaming down and so I figger I would come out and play.

I have been working on the Tutorial- not on the pooter but at least I have made a start of the writing it all down. This is going to be an exercise in can the bear make something simple sound simple and be simple for one and all to follow and make their roses the way I make mine!!- ((well those that want to do them this way anyhow!!)) In the process of looking at what I do and dont do I have discovered that yup I do do a couple of things slightly differently when I do the spider web rose-(( hate THAT name- why call something this pretty something awful with THAT name- yup spiders and bear are not a good thing- oh well I will just have to grin and do it wont I??)) I hope to begin work on the pooter on Sunday- we are still housesitting- Dad will be back from his mini holiday spent visiting friends and old mates in Nowra NSW- he is one of the very first Air Craft Handlers in the Royal Australian Navy- and was sent to England to learn how to be a Air Craft handler from the Royal Navy - they (the Aussies) then returned to Australia and were posted to Australias' first Air Craft Carrier. Thats something to be very proud of and I am very proud of my dear old Dad believe me!! Back then - if not nopw also - it was a very dangerous job and how they survived the accidents that happened on the Carrier is beyond me but they did.

Dad and one of his mates (who was also sent to England ) started with an idea to celebrate this fact and as a result Dad has made a Shield celebrating all of the chaps who were on this course, they have their names listed on the shield and it also includes the English sailors who transferred to the RAN and came back with them! A friend of my Colins did all of the gold leafing of the names and also the pictures of the Air Craft Carrier and the 2 planes the Australian Navy flew way back then! The shield was presented to the Naval Museum at Nowra today by Dad and his friend Ambrose in front of many of their shipmates (who were on the same course) and some of the Naval Dignities etc. They then were to have a luncheon and after all of the Official duties were over the old fellows were adjourning to the Nowra RSL- for some many hours of remembering the old times. I hope they all are having a great time ..... I wish I was a fly on the wall no doubt many stories have "GROWN" over the years but..............

Anyway on Sunday-- Dad and Ambrose will be home- sometime mid afternoon I am expecting them back and with them home Col and I will be back home to our own little home. and my Pooter and the Tutorial!! I promise!!!

I do really!! Kathleen do U hear me??- I promise!!!

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo