Sunday, January 04, 2009

Any one would think I hated my blog but thats not the truth

January 3rd 2009

well Happy New Year - only 3 days late but its never to late to wish all the very best of new years- I hope all will be healthy and wealthy and wiser before the end of this year.I can hope we all will have that cant I??

I have been busy and although tonight I wont be putting up pics I have made a few things while not blogging.

The most important was a wedding purse I made my granddaughters Mom- Bec married her sweetheart Chris on November1 2008. Bec was a beautiful Bride Chris a handsome groom and the kids were gorjas as flower girl and pageboy Jake looked so grown up in his Tux and Caitlin well she was just soooo pretty in her flowergirl outfit!! I aksed Bec if she would like me to make her this purse and after explaining what it was for and sending her a picture of the original made by Liz Vickery she was really happy for me to do it- so began the beading of my life. To me it was the very most important thing I have ever made. Anyway I have pictures of that and much more and will over the next few days try and catch up whats been a going on in the bears life thus far

so til then love n hugs always Bear xoxoxoxoxo