Tuesday, April 09, 2013

hewoo one and all
way long time back I said I would put up pics - slacko me didnt quite forget but I have this past week or so just ooking at this block to see if its done or I need to add more, I could be looking at this forever more I am not sure if its done or  not but here it is. this is a block I made when someone said no putting patterns together, and that sounded like a RULE to me, and in crazy quilting there are NO RULES well theres a few but......... So pattern joined pattern and then I had to stitch the block so its been a case of making the patterns blend and drag the eye away so noone notices that nearly every piece of material joins another patterned piece be they heavily pattern or not.

So theres heaps of new seam treatments, and not much SRE (or silk ribbon embroidery) but hey the next block is covered in ((SRE). that''s later on here it is for better or worse the pink block

please let me know what you think  of the pink block from hell VBG!
love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh deary me!!

Hewoo one and all,
I'm just popping to say hi  and I am alive, sorry I've been catching up on my daily lives, in case you didn't hear I nearly lost my better half he was in hospital and we've had some close calls  before but this was the scariest and Col was so critically ill, but once the hardworking Drs hit the right button and found the problem (and this is normally found on autopsy ) his recovery was phenomenal. now Cols just got to replace the weight he lost and muscle strength etc and he will be so much better.

So what have I been doing of late well very little, but have finally picked up my needle and thread and will show very soon what I am working on. It's a block that I was making for a friend but I have struggled with this block, and why has it been so hard I just don't know but I am stitching on it again. Will scan it and you can see where I am at with this block.

Now the other thing I wanted to say was I have put my blog comments onto moderation. I really hate doing this but I refuse to people commenting and then leaving their web Addies or a promotion of some product that they feel needs to shown here sorry, it hurts even when the person leaves a really nice comment but then puts on the advertising etc, sorry not happening here and I really do hate doing this and I really hope that you will all forgive me doing this,

Love n hugs bear xoxoxo

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Goodness it's February 2013 already oops a

Hewoo there and goodness gracious me lets see now how do I do this again...

Well Happy Xmas 2012


Happy New Year 2012/2013

There now that's covered the basics u think???? I can hear some saying where u been and some know bits n bobs, well Col became very ill and we very near lost him, but thank goodness a couple of special people finally worked out what it was and now he takes a couple of pills and he's a whole heap better, not only that but he's also in very special company cos the likes of Abe Lincoln and John F. Kennedy and also Helen Redy ok not sure who Helen is she is the lady who wrote and sang "  I am woman", there's quite a few more names but the best thing is he's alive and taking over the jobs he had to leave because he was so damn ill.

Now then wot have I been doing, much praying and believe me I cannot get down on my knees these days to pray anymore anyhow a whole heap of worrying, and not much stitching at all but the time has come to do some more normal things. Although I did keep up with my reading and also would allow myself to wander through some others blogs and web pages when I needed some quiet time.I also allowed myself some retail therapy that's always good for the soul got some lovely 7 mm ribbons from  one of my favourite Aussie firms Colour Streams (www.colourstreams.com.au)  no commercial interests just a very satisfied customer.They have some of the most spectacular colours and  also have the colour through a range of  4mm and 7 mm ribbons through to different sizes threads etc fabrics and patterns etc. When I need cheering up yup I head off to the website allways works for me.

Then just todayI received a very small packet from another of my favourite web shops no names here. I was so disappointed  not with the quality of the threads, not with the price of the threads, they were on special and I only paid $2.00 for Gumnut Stars and also Gumnut buds, okay so what was I disappointed with??? the postage and packaging price that was $9.60. Seems to me to be a bit overcharged. My threads cost me $10.00 and it was almost the same again for the postage and packaging. I have learnt my lesson ( the hard way) and won't be shopping there again hummmph!

Enough of the whinging, my colourstreams ribbons are so pretty and ever so lovely to stitch with, and make some very pretty roses, or peony, or lilacs, or what about some pansies mmm I think I can feel an idea into my tired and addled brain of what to use them for oh yessiree I think I for it, an idea is blooming I gotta go and draw this down before it goes, remember my old brain is just not what it used to be.

Anyway I'm really sad that I didn't blog over the Christmas/ New Year and also January, Col wasn't in hospital all that time but when he was home I just couldn't function well enough to write I know others have had similar and can understand I sincerely hope those who haven't been  through this  type of experience never have to, it's not great. Anyway here's hoping that all of you out there in blog land had a wonderful Christmas ( or what ever you have in your time and religion or not) and I really hope that everyone had the most  fantastic New Year and that 2013 is a whole better year then 2012 was for most people. 

Love n hugs bear xoxoxo
Come back soon I am going to have piccies to show xoxoxo true I am