Monday, July 31, 2006

Series 2 heart - For Julia C

well darling Julia here tis your heart- I hope you like it- its all butterflies and roses
love ya and big hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxo

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jo's heart completed

later that night - I sat down with this heart of Jos after looking at it all night it lacked something and that something was beads - well to my mind it was, anyway a couple of hours of watching a movie and beading is a pleasant way to spend a cold night.
I hope you like your heart Jo - will be on its way later this week with some luck-
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxo

Monday, July 24, 2006

Series 2 Hearts

Well the month of July is slipping away fast again- where do the days go to - and I need more hours in the day or maybe its that I need to be more aware of the time and sit down and do more embroidery etc then I spend waffling away with Colin or wandering around the yard. I have 2 more hearts almost completed- well the first one for Karen South is finished and should be on its way to her before the end of the week - all going well that is.

The descriptions are back to front to the way the heart photos were actually loaded on to my blog- sorry but this is being written by someone from the land downunder - so they are in fact right for me ---arent they???

The purple heart is for Karen South and as she likes Purple and it was this fact that made it a little easier then the heart for Jo -to my way of thinking is as --- if I like it then hopefully so will Karen--- oh I do hope you like it Karen - the more I look at it at present the more I think its all in one tone of purple and may be viewed as a little bit boring mmmmn I hope its not Karen, but if you find thats so -- maybe you would like to send it back and I will add some dark pieces to it The centre is actually a Stamped block of a rose and its not really easily seen on here but it has been stamped using permanent ink so there will be no way that it will not wash well. I hope you like your heart Karen - please do let me know - maybe I will hold it for a couple of days until you have had a chance to look at it and see what you think of it

The other heart is for Jo Newsham- and this really stretched my limits way out there- Jo asked for rich earthy colours and this from a bear who loves purple purple and purple. Anyway I patched her heart and started to fill in her 'pider roses but the next morning I hated the colour ribbon I had used- so I went hunting for a trim I liked and eventually found the deep red and green flower trim and with that chosen I Knew what ribbon to use and it was a perfect match anyway I only have to add some beads and its finished as well - I hope you like the dragonflys and I found another wee gold bear to add to your heart- I must find a new supplier for these charms as Spotlight are no longer keeping the gold /brass small charms in their stores well so my local store tells me.

I hope you both like your hearts Jo and Karen ..........

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxo

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hearts for Sandie and Tayla series 2 is begun!!

Hewoo all
well I have been doing something even if I have not been doing very much on my blog, these hearts are for my dear friend Sandie and her wee daughter Tayla - Sandie had to have her sweet little old baby dog put down last week - she was very very old and had been struggling with congested heart failure so Crystal is now living under the big gum tree at home and is probably chasing my little Oscar around in cat and doggie heaven - but Sandie I hope she isnt cos Oscar was not frightened of rugrats and would be just as likely be chasing poor little Crystal around, and he loves to hide and pounce on unsuspecting feet passing by his hiding spot and he also had a habit of nipping those feet if they were belonging to a doggie.

Anyway there is one more small thing that I will be adding to Sandies heart before I post it off to her and maybe she will show it on her blog when she receives it and I hope she loves it - I thought it appropriate and Taylas is in purples - oh that little one has such good taste lets face it anyone who loves purple is of a regal mind and has very good taste!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, July 17, 2006

Julias' heart - for Series 2 heart swaps

Oh me oh my I am so far behind and my dear darling series 2 ladies are really firing on all 8 cylinders- this beautiful heart came all the way across the great Nullabor Plains from West Australia to live in my South Australian home- Its so different to Julias first series Heart for me, BUT I love them both- I cannot wait to be able to work with these - BUT wot am I gunna make - der bears in a real quandry - never ever made a really quilt - or for that matter a wall hanging ggg- I think I am going to make a CQ type quilt with my precious hearts - and Julia - thank you so very very much this is a gorjas heart and I adore it- I also received from Julia a very special scissor fob made with cloisomme beads and a beautiful butterfly - I have been searching the house for my best Geiger embroidery scissors- darned if I can find them- see how badly I need a scissor fob Julia ggggggg- I have the fob on another pair of embroidery scissors at present and when I finally find my Geigers well I will swap the fob onto them!!
Thank you so very very much darling friend- I do so lubs your hearts!! and fobs!!
love n hugs ya bear xoxoxoxoxxoxo

Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 18th 2006

well my dear friends-

I have been down caring for my Dad after an operation on his knee - just a bit of reworking on the replacement kneecap, Hes back home and My Colin and I stayed with him for a week and came home this week we are still going down his place everyday to do bitsa and pieces for him but his recovery is brilliant _I am constantly amazed at my Dads recovery rate- being a diabetic on insulin he really heals fast and as he does all his exercises as ordered he has already got his knee back to 90 degrees - brilliant Dad brilliant!!

But( gg oh noighty bear - english teachers the world over are cringing cos bears beginning a sentence with BUT ggggg) anyway -- but while down at Dads place I didnt have my pooter to play with and so day after day we (Col and I) would come up here and I would grab more of my stash and Colin would grab the mail- U can see where our priorities lay by that statement - anyway I eventually had everything I needed and I sat down and sewed up 14 hearts- my series 2 lot- and I actually found that I had them done in no time flat once I was organised enough ! So I will be taking some scans and putting them up as they are finished - this lot are surprises for most - as that is wot they (the recipients of series2 hearts) wanted - so I will put the scan of a finished heart up once they are finished and sent on their way to there new homes!!
well thats it for today I have nearly finished 2 of my series 2 hearts- one is for my Sandie and the other for her darling daughter Tayla. I love the embellishing so much more then the sewing up a heart ready to be embellished I guess I am not alone there though!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo