Monday, July 17, 2006

Julias' heart - for Series 2 heart swaps

Oh me oh my I am so far behind and my dear darling series 2 ladies are really firing on all 8 cylinders- this beautiful heart came all the way across the great Nullabor Plains from West Australia to live in my South Australian home- Its so different to Julias first series Heart for me, BUT I love them both- I cannot wait to be able to work with these - BUT wot am I gunna make - der bears in a real quandry - never ever made a really quilt - or for that matter a wall hanging ggg- I think I am going to make a CQ type quilt with my precious hearts - and Julia - thank you so very very much this is a gorjas heart and I adore it- I also received from Julia a very special scissor fob made with cloisomme beads and a beautiful butterfly - I have been searching the house for my best Geiger embroidery scissors- darned if I can find them- see how badly I need a scissor fob Julia ggggggg- I have the fob on another pair of embroidery scissors at present and when I finally find my Geigers well I will swap the fob onto them!!
Thank you so very very much darling friend- I do so lubs your hearts!! and fobs!!
love n hugs ya bear xoxoxoxoxxoxo

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