Monday, July 24, 2006

Series 2 Hearts

Well the month of July is slipping away fast again- where do the days go to - and I need more hours in the day or maybe its that I need to be more aware of the time and sit down and do more embroidery etc then I spend waffling away with Colin or wandering around the yard. I have 2 more hearts almost completed- well the first one for Karen South is finished and should be on its way to her before the end of the week - all going well that is.

The descriptions are back to front to the way the heart photos were actually loaded on to my blog- sorry but this is being written by someone from the land downunder - so they are in fact right for me ---arent they???

The purple heart is for Karen South and as she likes Purple and it was this fact that made it a little easier then the heart for Jo -to my way of thinking is as --- if I like it then hopefully so will Karen--- oh I do hope you like it Karen - the more I look at it at present the more I think its all in one tone of purple and may be viewed as a little bit boring mmmmn I hope its not Karen, but if you find thats so -- maybe you would like to send it back and I will add some dark pieces to it The centre is actually a Stamped block of a rose and its not really easily seen on here but it has been stamped using permanent ink so there will be no way that it will not wash well. I hope you like your heart Karen - please do let me know - maybe I will hold it for a couple of days until you have had a chance to look at it and see what you think of it

The other heart is for Jo Newsham- and this really stretched my limits way out there- Jo asked for rich earthy colours and this from a bear who loves purple purple and purple. Anyway I patched her heart and started to fill in her 'pider roses but the next morning I hated the colour ribbon I had used- so I went hunting for a trim I liked and eventually found the deep red and green flower trim and with that chosen I Knew what ribbon to use and it was a perfect match anyway I only have to add some beads and its finished as well - I hope you like the dragonflys and I found another wee gold bear to add to your heart- I must find a new supplier for these charms as Spotlight are no longer keeping the gold /brass small charms in their stores well so my local store tells me.

I hope you both like your hearts Jo and Karen ..........

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxo


katiejayinpa said...

Karen will love her purple heart and that beautiful SRE! And Jo is going to love HER do wonderful work there!


Ati said...

O, Bear, I love your hearts. I like your blog too. I would be honoured (is that the right word?) to swap a heart with you.
Ati. Norway.

NormaH said...

Dear, dear bear, how could anyone not like those beautiful hearts!!!

hideko said...

Bear, your SRE roses are always so gorgeous, I am sure both Karen and Jo will love their own hearts. Nice work. Hideko

Kai said...

I can't fathom how ANYONE can create such tiny, delicate things! BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT, EXQUISITE! Bear, you & Yvette are both so amazing to me. I don't believe I could even SEE to do such detailed stitching on small pieces, but you - WOW! These latest hearts are just like YOUR heart, my BD Twinnie - gorgeous!