Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 18th 2006

well my dear friends-

I have been down caring for my Dad after an operation on his knee - just a bit of reworking on the replacement kneecap, Hes back home and My Colin and I stayed with him for a week and came home this week we are still going down his place everyday to do bitsa and pieces for him but his recovery is brilliant _I am constantly amazed at my Dads recovery rate- being a diabetic on insulin he really heals fast and as he does all his exercises as ordered he has already got his knee back to 90 degrees - brilliant Dad brilliant!!

But( gg oh noighty bear - english teachers the world over are cringing cos bears beginning a sentence with BUT ggggg) anyway -- but while down at Dads place I didnt have my pooter to play with and so day after day we (Col and I) would come up here and I would grab more of my stash and Colin would grab the mail- U can see where our priorities lay by that statement - anyway I eventually had everything I needed and I sat down and sewed up 14 hearts- my series 2 lot- and I actually found that I had them done in no time flat once I was organised enough ! So I will be taking some scans and putting them up as they are finished - this lot are surprises for most - as that is wot they (the recipients of series2 hearts) wanted - so I will put the scan of a finished heart up once they are finished and sent on their way to there new homes!!
well thats it for today I have nearly finished 2 of my series 2 hearts- one is for my Sandie and the other for her darling daughter Tayla. I love the embellishing so much more then the sewing up a heart ready to be embellished I guess I am not alone there though!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

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Linda said...

Dear Bear, I can't wait to see the next collection of hearts. You are the master of hearts! I so love them.
Linda F from FL