Thursday, June 15, 2006

orphan hearts

thanks to Rosemary - the heart within the heart - pinks and poirples etc has been claimed as being our Rosemary's heart ggg goodey Ican add a name to the block back now. Rosemary thinks the pink one could have come the hands of Judy Raney - does anyone have her addy please so I can email her and ask if it is or not??
thanks all


Judy Morphis said...

Bear, the pink heart was not done by me. Sorry. I was Judy Raney--took maiden name back after divorce and now am Judy Morphis, lol.

Bear said...

Thank you Judy M- Now I am so happy you told me that - its all falls into place now- I thought I knew you Judy
Thanks for looking
love n hugs bear xoxoxo