Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heart for Dee Shaw

Hello all this wee heart is for Dee Shaw- I hope it comes up to your liking Dee - Twas another to cause me heart ache but eventually these ribbons worked - and so thats what I made it in - they are strange colours to go with each other but they did work didnt they??
It will be on its way with the other hearts eg Pat, Hideo, SusieW and also Sue Huff on Tuesday of this coming week.
Of the original hearts I have only to make my dear Sandies' what a pleasure this one will be its not going to play up on me or anything like that - it had better not Sandie or it will wind up stuck on the ceiling of the lounge room for you to pick it up I mean it ggggggggggg
loves ya
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox


Kai said...

Whee! I can post on your blog now! Finally! I guess it decided your bd twinnie gets to comment! LOL! Anyway, this is yet another lovely heart! I think you've matched the colors beautifully! Dee will love it! I still cannot for the LIFE of me figure how you do such teeny stitches and piece all the small parts together to make these gorgeous hearts! What a terrific needlewoman you are, my lil' Bear-Sister!

Isabella said...

The colors look wonderful and your work is exquisite! Another beautiful piece of work done by our dear Bear!
Linda F from FL

Jo in NZ said...

Bear, the colours sure do go!! I love that deep red, I think it goes with anything.

abeautifulcraft said...

Very pretty Bear ... I am sure I'll find a way of getting it off the roof - might stand on a pile of Farmers Union Iced Coffee Cartons to 'reach' lol lol lol lol
Gee this week is going so fast, I'll be on your door step before you know it!