Monday, September 29, 2008

oooh ahhhhhhhh wwhere have I been

Hello all

its been a long time since I last blogged and for those few who do follow me I am sorry- we have had winter and true to form I go very quite in winter. Although now Spring has hit downunder and finally I feel a lot better within myself.

Although quiet on here I have been busy in the background firstly making a block for the Crazy Quilting Internationals Breast Cancer blocks to be made into a quilt and then auctioned off and the proceeds go to BC. USA. This is a horrendous cancer affecting many of my friends and former clients when I was nursing etc. One day I pray the cure will be found and women will no longer be under this scourge of womens' lives.

I only made one block and my friend Leslie E made the foundation block for me and then I did my part by embroidering on it and then sent it back to Leslie( along with many others who are doing the same thing) then when Leslie has all the blocks back it will be completed as a CQ quilt.
I called my block "Faith Hope and Cure" and if you look really hard you will see these words were embroidered into the blocks in different areas.