Saturday, September 05, 2009

hewoo this is a blatant plug for

Hi one and all

if you happen along here one of my dear friends Sherry is having a competition for her 200th post. Wowee 200 !!!! Congratulations Sherry that's fantastic- and being this is her 200th post she is not giving away not just 1 but 2 prizes so please go look and leave her a comment to enter into her draw.
oh bear u is sooooooooooo blatant - if you go read the rules for entry you will see why - I Have NO pride do I?? I am going for as many entries as I can ggggggg
much love and hugest of hugs to all I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, September 03, 2009

well do you believe this a second post

Hi all

well do you believe this a second post and in the same week as well - goodness I must be ill??? I never do that well not for a long while I dont I have just finished this purple block- do you get the feeling I like purple well you is wrong I LOVE PURPLE!

Anyway I know I always say -"I dont know bout this block" BORING Bear BUT hey this one has come from far left field hasnt it?? No spider web roses in fact no ribbon embroidery at all, and all those bought flower motifs on the right side and even the leaves are fake. I decided to play a bit with really heavily embroidering the seams etc - all are done in Silk threads- oh so dreamy to do seams in silk threads, some of them came from and others came from the , I have used the Colourstreams(Qld) silk threads before these ones are from their stranded silk threads beautious and so easy to use they glide on through the fabric so easily they are scrumptious and their colours well I do adore them - am going to get more soon yummy they are.

The ones I bought through the Thread Studio (WA) were from selections of Jacinta Leishman, Rae Cummings, Ken Done, and oh me oh my they are all such wondrous colour schemes and again glide through the seams "like a knife through butter. Yummy they all are. So I did heavy seams and really played with what ever came to my fickle brain and my hand grabbed. LOL the bottom right hand corner these little beauties came from an American /Australian Crazy quilt swap of swaps if I remember right Willa gave them to me and I have had them many many moons waiting for somewhere to place them they are made from sequins and are very cleaverly made I like them heapsa. The other flowers were all dyed by me the only other things on this block are dragonflies and butterflies, and a wee bee all charms that I have picked up over the years of trawling through our local Spotlight store.

So there you have it my last 6 inch block for a bit I am doing a swap with Hideko now- years and years ago we decided we would have a swap between us and I am making a very pretty evening bag out of black quilted fabric the middle insert is a Fuschia Duponi and of course there are lot of beautiful trims including a beaded trim the middle inset is smocked - only 4 rows I think- This pattern came from one of Country Bumpkins many smocked patterns but this little bit of smocking gives the effect of a small gathering of the insert Lol I am so looking forward to making this little baggie for Hideko. and After I finish that I am going to be making a 12 inch block for my dear friend Sherry G and I Am looking forward to that one as well- so much easier to work on a bigger block then on these little 6inch ones

Anyway thats it for tonight if anyone wants the actual email address for all the different names etc I have mentioned above please email me and I will give you the correct addie - I will make sure of the email addies tomorrow but for now even though Spring has Sprung downunder Bear is still in her sleepy mode and I am heading off to the den - nighty night all and thank you for taking the time out of your lives to come by and have a look at my embroidery etc

love n hugs to all Bear xoxoxoxox