Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wots Bear up ta??

Well I have been laid up low with this silly "bug" Virus", cold" wotever one likes to call it!!

But I have been doing the previous heart in between and seeing in my own eye what I do that creates the different style of "Bears Spider-Web Rose". I think I have worked it out and its really such a small thing, well really its a couple of small things- BUT all will be revealed in the Tutorial- so no secrets will be given out here-(although a certain special friend has been told hasnt ya Mom Maureen??) I have been taking scans as I made the rose and I wondered how to approach it- would I begin at the beginning and bore to tears those who know how to make a spider-web rose or just where I do "my thingie" or......?? I have decided that I will begin at the beginning and hope that those of you who are reading this will "bear" with me as there may be some very new stitchers who havent read up on how to do a spider-web rose anywhere. There are many fantastic sites out there on how to make a spider web rose- so please do look for others and how they make the same rose. Lets face it- as with many things there is no right or wrong way to making them I have just over time evolved a couple of steps and they have made the difference in the appearance of my spider web roses.

I hope you will all enjoy reading and trying out making of Bears version of the spider web rose- and I hope you will all let me see how you go at making the rose yourself- I think that this will be the best part for me- seeing how everyone else makes the rose- I dont think anyone really does anyything EXACTLY the same- so we may find we have some more roses that will evolve in an altogethr different way- and wouldnt that be fabulous??

So please pop back in a couple of days time and I will hopefully have the Tutorial up and running pictures and all- Thank you one and all for asking me to do this- and I hope the wait will be worth it

much love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxoxo

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another heart finished

This is another wee heart for a lady on Chain Of Hearts list, I did something different with the beading of this one- if you enlarge the picture you will see on the right hand side the fabric is sparkly well I thought to balance out the sparkles I might use up some of my sequins and a small pink bead I rather like the effect, but I would love to have some opinions as to whether you like it also- I havent ever added sequins to any of my blocks or hearts so this is an entirely different tack for me- and I dont even know why or how I thought of using them it just seemed to be the right thing to do! The gold charms are my lovely butterflies- I went to Spotlight yesterday to get some more and they were all out of these BUT I found another type and I think they are even prettier- and I also found a baggie of gold bumble bees- ooh cant wait to use them on a block- maybeeven have both butterflies and bees on the same one- its what was happening in the back garden today- both butterflies and bees flitting around the fruit trees blossoms I spent ages watching nature taking place - its the first year I have seen so many butterflies out in our garden- Spring is COMING!!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heart for Colleen T

Hewoo all
well I have been fairly quiet of late as I have had a silly old cold and it was more a nuisance but having headaches, sore throat, and ears is no fun at the best of times is it??- But when they eased up I sat down and took things quietly and did some stitching- this is the heart I made for Colleen - thats if she wants to swap hearts with me still- Colleen asked to be surprised her only stipulations were not to make it like the orange heart and for it to have spider roses andthat left the field wide open to me- Hope you like it Colleen

While I made this heart I carefully watched what I was doing in the making of the hearts in preparation for the Tutorial on how I make my spider web roses (for the Chain of Heart ladies). Several ladies asked me to show how I made them- Its really strange as I nortmally just select the ribbons and go to town almost in a sleep state is how I have been making the previous spider web roses. Anyway I think I have worked out a couple of things that I do that others dont do and I recognised something that I do that makes the Hannah Silk Spider Web roses different. Anyway no bear secrets yet- I am almost ready to begin making the Tutorial up. It going to be different I still dont measure anything up and I hope those who make them up can live with that the rest is easy as!! Will let you know on list when I have done the tutorial gang.

But for now I am going to upload this and then read the rest of my emails and head off to bed nighty night all

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Sunday, August 13, 2006

re Bear doing a tutorial on "her" spider roses

My dear friends on chain of hearts list have asked me to do a Tutorial on my spider roses, and I said yes - but over the weekend- well here it is late in the afternoon of Sunday and I am no where with it- I have a noighty head cold and am in the grip of it at present - anyway please come back in a couple of days and I hope to have gotten over the worst of the head cold and done the tutorial- promise dear friends
love n hugs bear xoxooxoxoxoxoxxo

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Heart for a special lady

Hewoo all
well this heart is from series 2 and its a surprise heart - the lady doesnt know its coming and I hope I will get it too her before she realises it is for her-I am not saying anymore cos she may realise and that would give the surprise away wont it??
love n hugs bear xoxoxooxo

Monday, August 07, 2006

Heart for Rosemary Series 2

Hewoo all
well its been a long week this past week- wot with Colins dreadful rash around his neck - that was leaking fluid and had the look of a very bad burn with blisters etc- the Renal Docs sent him straight downstairs to see the Dermatology Registrar. Col was ordered drugs and oitments - we started the oitment that night and when we got up next morning we couldnt believe it- the rash had dried completely - so onto the drugs and now a week later its as if he never had this awful rash- Poor Kathy (a friend of ours) came to our home to do some stitching with me and wasnt able to get to the kitchen without Col showing her his neck- so she can verify how bad it was. Now he has a red patch of skin but no blisters so the drug he was put onto is being brought down in small doses and hopefuly it( the blisters and leaking fluids and the pain) wont return. The consenus of opinion is that it could have been a drug reaction- the renal Docs have changed Colins anti rejection drugs(Cols a kidney Transplant patient- having been given his kidney 19 yrs ago)- unfortuatley the first drug for anti rejection of the transplant has been doing damage to the "new" kidney so this is why he had these drug changes- the new drug is doing great things and is a success re no more damage to his kidney and also bringing all his bloodwork into the normal range again - so we will be battling on and hope when this drug he was given for the rash wont need to be given for much longer! ie no more rash!

Anyway onto nicer things this heart is for Rosemary D our lovely List Mommy on COH- Rosemary loves poirple as I do and this has been a fun heart to make- I actually started another heart for someone else BUT I dont like the colour ribbon I have used for some of the roses and so I am going to dye some ribbon and see if I like that (dyed ribbon) better then wot I have used for now.Anyway as I said Rosemary likes poirple and I had such fun making this one- not that I dont like making any of the others but being a colour that I also love made it easer to do!! I hope you like it Rosemary I really do It might be into the mail tomorrow BUT definatell by Wednesday it will be-- depends on when I go down to the shops (a mere 5 mins away )- how bad is the bear- I hate going to the "big" shops- cos I spend way too much moola when I am down there!!

So thats about it for today its been a win win day - Cols all better for now and Rosemarys' heart is all finished and the bear feels alot more settled in wots going on in our lives - with the emphasis on Colin and his troubles

so love n hugs to all
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoox Bear xooxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo
Rosemary- the fabric at the bottom of your heart is a self lined fancy fabric that has scanned really dark colour- almost black on my pooter but its a deep purple self lined fabric! xoxox