Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wots Bear up ta??

Well I have been laid up low with this silly "bug" Virus", cold" wotever one likes to call it!!

But I have been doing the previous heart in between and seeing in my own eye what I do that creates the different style of "Bears Spider-Web Rose". I think I have worked it out and its really such a small thing, well really its a couple of small things- BUT all will be revealed in the Tutorial- so no secrets will be given out here-(although a certain special friend has been told hasnt ya Mom Maureen??) I have been taking scans as I made the rose and I wondered how to approach it- would I begin at the beginning and bore to tears those who know how to make a spider-web rose or just where I do "my thingie" or......?? I have decided that I will begin at the beginning and hope that those of you who are reading this will "bear" with me as there may be some very new stitchers who havent read up on how to do a spider-web rose anywhere. There are many fantastic sites out there on how to make a spider web rose- so please do look for others and how they make the same rose. Lets face it- as with many things there is no right or wrong way to making them I have just over time evolved a couple of steps and they have made the difference in the appearance of my spider web roses.

I hope you will all enjoy reading and trying out making of Bears version of the spider web rose- and I hope you will all let me see how you go at making the rose yourself- I think that this will be the best part for me- seeing how everyone else makes the rose- I dont think anyone really does anyything EXACTLY the same- so we may find we have some more roses that will evolve in an altogethr different way- and wouldnt that be fabulous??

So please pop back in a couple of days time and I will hopefully have the Tutorial up and running pictures and all- Thank you one and all for asking me to do this- and I hope the wait will be worth it

much love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxoxo


May Britt said...

I am so looking forward to this.
Have a nice sewingday

Kai said...

You KNOW your hopeless bd twinnie doesn't expect to actualy MAKE one of those gorgeous tiny spider roses. But I DO look forward to reading your tutorial & learning what all YOU do to make them! I already think they're so delicate & lovely, and after seeing the instructions, I know I'll be twice as in awe for all the work involved! (By the way, my Bear, doesn't your friend May Britt have the sweetest and friendliest face? I noticed that before & meant to comment!)Feel better today, lil' Bear!!!

NormaH said...

Dear Bear, I'm so glad you decided to begin at the 'beginning'. Being new to SRE I have made several spider web roses and each one looks different. I don't know if I'll try one of your gorgeous roses but just knowing how you do it and following your directions can't help but improve my own attempts as well as give me confidence. Thank you for doing this for all us....... you're so special!!!!!