Monday, August 07, 2006

Heart for Rosemary Series 2

Hewoo all
well its been a long week this past week- wot with Colins dreadful rash around his neck - that was leaking fluid and had the look of a very bad burn with blisters etc- the Renal Docs sent him straight downstairs to see the Dermatology Registrar. Col was ordered drugs and oitments - we started the oitment that night and when we got up next morning we couldnt believe it- the rash had dried completely - so onto the drugs and now a week later its as if he never had this awful rash- Poor Kathy (a friend of ours) came to our home to do some stitching with me and wasnt able to get to the kitchen without Col showing her his neck- so she can verify how bad it was. Now he has a red patch of skin but no blisters so the drug he was put onto is being brought down in small doses and hopefuly it( the blisters and leaking fluids and the pain) wont return. The consenus of opinion is that it could have been a drug reaction- the renal Docs have changed Colins anti rejection drugs(Cols a kidney Transplant patient- having been given his kidney 19 yrs ago)- unfortuatley the first drug for anti rejection of the transplant has been doing damage to the "new" kidney so this is why he had these drug changes- the new drug is doing great things and is a success re no more damage to his kidney and also bringing all his bloodwork into the normal range again - so we will be battling on and hope when this drug he was given for the rash wont need to be given for much longer! ie no more rash!

Anyway onto nicer things this heart is for Rosemary D our lovely List Mommy on COH- Rosemary loves poirple as I do and this has been a fun heart to make- I actually started another heart for someone else BUT I dont like the colour ribbon I have used for some of the roses and so I am going to dye some ribbon and see if I like that (dyed ribbon) better then wot I have used for now.Anyway as I said Rosemary likes poirple and I had such fun making this one- not that I dont like making any of the others but being a colour that I also love made it easer to do!! I hope you like it Rosemary I really do It might be into the mail tomorrow BUT definatell by Wednesday it will be-- depends on when I go down to the shops (a mere 5 mins away )- how bad is the bear- I hate going to the "big" shops- cos I spend way too much moola when I am down there!!

So thats about it for today its been a win win day - Cols all better for now and Rosemarys' heart is all finished and the bear feels alot more settled in wots going on in our lives - with the emphasis on Colin and his troubles

so love n hugs to all
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoox Bear xooxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo
Rosemary- the fabric at the bottom of your heart is a self lined fancy fabric that has scanned really dark colour- almost black on my pooter but its a deep purple self lined fabric! xoxox


hideko said...

How awful days you have had! But I am very glad to hear everything has been resulted well finally. Don't forget to take care of yourself now too. Your heart is very lovely!

Judi said...

As always, your hearts are beautiful. Have you thought about teaching these hearts in a class?

Kai said...

Woooooohooooo! My Bear's back in action, Col is better, and you made a beautiful new heart! Kai is HAPPY! I LOVE this new one you've finished! I agree with Judi! You could easily teach these!!!!! Rosemary, you are a lucky girl to be getting this one! LOVE YOU, BEAR!

Linda said...

Another one of Bear's beauty! I don't know how you manage creating such gorgeous hearts with all you have had going on lately. I guess nothing can get our Bear down.

May Britt said...

WOW....what a lovely heart. Lucky one getting these one.
Hope we somethime can swap hearts. I have made two now that are ready to swap.
Is it very difficult to to such lovely silkribbon flowers. Is there any place on the net explaining how to do them. I have bought some books about this and enjoy studying them.