Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heart for Colleen T

Hewoo all
well I have been fairly quiet of late as I have had a silly old cold and it was more a nuisance but having headaches, sore throat, and ears is no fun at the best of times is it??- But when they eased up I sat down and took things quietly and did some stitching- this is the heart I made for Colleen - thats if she wants to swap hearts with me still- Colleen asked to be surprised her only stipulations were not to make it like the orange heart and for it to have spider roses andthat left the field wide open to me- Hope you like it Colleen

While I made this heart I carefully watched what I was doing in the making of the hearts in preparation for the Tutorial on how I make my spider web roses (for the Chain of Heart ladies). Several ladies asked me to show how I made them- Its really strange as I nortmally just select the ribbons and go to town almost in a sleep state is how I have been making the previous spider web roses. Anyway I think I have worked out a couple of things that I do that others dont do and I recognised something that I do that makes the Hannah Silk Spider Web roses different. Anyway no bear secrets yet- I am almost ready to begin making the Tutorial up. It going to be different I still dont measure anything up and I hope those who make them up can live with that the rest is easy as!! Will let you know on list when I have done the tutorial gang.

But for now I am going to upload this and then read the rest of my emails and head off to bed nighty night all

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo


Linda said...

I am glad you are feeling better, Bear. I look forward to seing your tutorial- whether I will understand it or be able to follow it- that's doubtful! ROFL!
Linda F from FL

May Britt said...

I look so forward to your tutorial on the rose. Hope you feel better after a good nights sleep
Hugs for you

Susan said...

Oh, great, I'll be looking forward to your tutorial. I love spider roses. The one I did tonight was with a wonky ribbon and I am not all that crazy about the way it turned out, but it's colorful. I don't have the silk ribbon I need and should have waited.

Your heart is gorgeous! Are you putting your backgrounds down by hand?

Glad your cold is improving!

Bear said...

Hi Susan
no I actually machine piece the patch when ever I can and in these they are all machine patched
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Kai said...

My Bear, I admit to not even knowing exactly what a spider rose IS, although I DO know if that's what YOUR beautiful little roses are, I surely do love them! I'll be looking for your tutorial so I can see what all goes into the making of these gorgeous pieces you create. I suspect what YOU make look so EASY to do, is not at ALL easy! But the results are exquisite! LOVE YOU! Your bd twinnie

Fran said...

I LOVE all your work. I love looking at it it's so beautiful!!
Keep making more. I love lookin.
Love & Hugs