Monday, January 01, 2007

other bears and an elephant as well gg

The top picture is the Joan Watters Red Bear way back in time- I am sure I changed her pattern around a bit but not sure- I was at that stage fairly rigidly following a person pattern, and would be so upsset if it didnt look the same !!

The next picture is of the Purple bear- this was the first time I had ever embroidered on felt and its still made using wool embroidery threads - an interesting experiment mmmmmmmmm anyway it didnt put me off as I then did the pink elephant on ehite Felt as well.

Sorry bout the picture quality I was really bad with a camera then as well- not much better now am I?? But I think I am a wee bit better both at embroidery and also holding a camera still - plus with digital cameras you can see straight away if its a clean print or not so thats prolly why I have improved with the camera holding

Hope you enjoyed this little look back in time I cant belie4ve how bad I was back then -!!

some of bears earlier embroidery

Here it is 2007---the new year has finally arrived and my resolutions this year - to keep up with my groups mail, to be more prompt in answering friends mail to me, to catch up on some of my UFO's, to at long last get the tute (on how I do my spider roses)up on my blog now that I have finally worked out wot I was doing wrong with my piccies being uploaded to Blogger,it should be so much easier. Oh and not to whine pitifully when his nibs sits down and puts on his favourite movies - the Carry On gang are on- and he watched the end of Carry on up the Kyber- grrrrrrrr another is on now - and also to add some of my earlier works to Blogger gggg.Nope not quitting smoking - have had that one for more years then I can remember and then I feel horrid when it doesnt happen so now if I quit -- then I quit but its not a resolution -----it will be a health choice wont it??/

Well they are resolutions noone said they ever kept them all did they??? Anyway I was going through my boxes of photos and came across some of the earlier stuff- its interesting to look back and see how far I have gone in improving my embroidering skills- a long way forward- almost embarressed by some of this stuff but hey we all have beginnings dont we- at one stage I was teaching doing Teddy bears and using wool embroidery- such as Joan Watters a famous Wool embroidery teacher from Australia. Some might recognise the earlier pieces have a definate Joan Watters look to them- well thats cos I used her pattern to beginwith (as in when I was learning how to make bears etc --- and before I branched out and devised my own bear for teaching purposes. I admire Joan Watters embroidery and still wish I was as good as she is- her embroidery is beautiful!!!

So this is one of my earlier bears made in pinks- theres also a bear made in my favourite colours of purple and another one in reds- that is straight from a copy of Embroidery and X Stitch pattern that Joan W had published- I think of all the bears the red one is my favourite- but oh boy I have come a long way since those days baby!!

the above bear is obviously the pink bear back and front.I am not very good with Blogger wiosh I could work out how to add the picture following the blurb I wrote not before- any hints I will be most grateful for ............. more to come ......

Happy New Year

Hello one and all
I am here and its nearly 2 hrs into the New Year- welcome to 2007
I really hope that this year will be better for many of us who had such terrible years last year and for those who had good year I hope its even better for you as well
So Happy New Year to my friends and all my family and especially for Caitlin Skye my Missing grandaughter- Happy New Year Catey darling
(and Nana and Mum to thiose gorjas kids of mine and especially to my darling man Colin Bruce and all of my dear friends)