Monday, February 28, 2011

did I not say ???

Hewoo there,

These are from the Dolls Of Japan Display between Burnside and their sisters city in Japan. I apologise I seem to have misplaced the souveneir pamplet which has the sister city in Japans' name on it. When I find it I will put it up on my blog - These are some of the dolls.....

Now then having said many eons ago that I would show some of the gorjus dolls of Japan. This display was in the lovely leafy suburb of Burnside (for those not of Adelaide, Burnside is one of THE suburbs in town to live well it used to be anyway). So Colin, Dad and I went to the Burnside Library to see the display of the many beautiiful dolls. Hideko one of my favourite ladies is from Japan and knows how much I adore all things Japanese and these dolls were oh...... they were just beautiful..... In Japan they have a special day for little girls when they bring out the their  most beautiful dolls and display them and the same for little boys and in the display were 2 dolls one a little girls and of course one little boys dolls I cannot express in words just how magnificent these particular dolls were they were SPECTACULAR and sadly my camera skill are way below par. I hope you will forgive me the terrible photography but I am sure you get the idea these dolls were all so beautiful, the guys thought I was going to be there forever and believe me I wanted to stay, I was amazed at how the wonderful the workmmanship was even the tiniest of the dolls there were amazing, the hours that would have gone into making the dolls my heart soared that day.

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get these few pictures up on my blog if anyone would like to see more..... I have more pics..... you only have to ask...........

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxox

Sunday, February 27, 2011

plans afoot and all that stuff February

Hewoo all

Well today I have been tuned in to the Tv watching the news to see if any more have been found in the terrible Earthquake that hit Christchurch NZ this week. I am feeling so sad for those suffering there to those who have family still missing if it makes any difference I am praying that they may be found alive. I had a young friend when I was a YOUNG  girl actually we were in our very early 20's and I lost contact with her and I have been thinking even more then I normally do this week I think she came from the other Island and who knows she may still be living in Bondi today but if you are out there Sandra Kearnes ( I hope thats the correct spelling anad of course neither of us was married back then) I love  ya and miss ya  -I am always thinking of you, wish we hadnt lost contact all those years ago.

I still havent finished Hidekos bag but that will now go to the top of my agendas of things to finish. I still havent gotten  the correct handles- I dont know wot I did but boy oh boy I stuffed that up- I went online - Ebay of course - And purchased several different types and sizes and isnt it always the way not a one of them fits the top of this bag grrrr, one thing though I DO know know the size I want so Hideko dont worry I wont be much longer finishing your bag I sure hope you like it when I do finish it.

Cols feeling much brighter and is gradually putting everyone out of the jobs they took on when he was so ill. I am grateful for all the help I received but its so nice to have the boss up and at it yet again, he managed to walk 27 holes today with his mates - they play golf every Wednesday and Saturday and talk about a pack of old cronies this lot take the cake, have made friends with several of them and they can be so funny but it gives Col a time away from me and me away from him. We definately do need some time outs occasionally VBG.

Now then plans afoot- I have signed up for a monthly club from the beautiful online shop call Flights of Fancy Boutique (Obviously to fly there you need to add the www and drop the spaces and Capitals and all that n throw in a .com at the end but hey you all KNEW that huh?? anyway the monthly club is called the Trim and Treasure Club I have taken a couple of piccies of some of the trims oooooooh they are so beautful and I havent seen trims and treasures such as they scource anywwhere so if you are like me and in need of some extras in the trims or treasure dept. you could join up yourself I promise you wont be dissapointed Go to the web Site and check out this months Trims and Treasure Club if you dont believe me theres way more in the web store then just the Trim and Treasure  club of course beautiful ribbons and embellishments so go look!!!  The below piccies are all from anyway these are from the February Baggie yup the lot of them, and theres even more in this months offering I am not being paid for this comment I am just a really happy satisfied customer. I have also found that Carole (the owner) is one of the lovely ladies in this world nothing is to much trouble for her- and believe me she must have at times wanted to tear her hair out when I got on the emails but always lovely- thanks for being so wonderful Carole.

"Now Bear" I hear you ask what will you do with these gorjas trims well I am going to make my very first Crazy Quilt with each months trims and embellishments I may find that I have too many in any one month and I am seriously considering if this does happen then I may do a second block or just keep them for other wall Hangings who knows what the future will bring in the line of light bulb happenings in my tired old brain, heavens I even had to correct the spelling on Brain how tired is it - VERY tired.

 So thats what I intend doing and when I get fed up with that for the month maybe I will finish off my UFO's, this year I dont plan on doing much else am not going to be in any Round Robins or the like just want to complete some things wont that make a first.

Anyway thats it for this post - its only taken me 3 days to do it but then I had so many other things going on around here sometimes it doesnt pay to open your mouth I just wind up putting my big number 10 n a half foot into it

Will try and show some more pics next post have lots to show and they are mostly last years that for some reason or the tother just didnt get put up on my blog, do you get the feeling that when I was a young thing that I began full flight with a diary and by the second week of January it was hidden and forgot about - found that years later- and burnt it up on the fire one night wot a load of trifle I did write VBG Much like  can be said of this poor old blog huh?? BUT I do get n occasional entry up way more then I did in that diary of many moons ago

byeee for now hope you enjoy the piccies

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bit late to be saying Merry Xmas and all that jazz

Hi all

         well here it is late as usual ---- good excuse this time-- though I never EVER want this to come again!!!!!

             My darling man 2 weeks before Xmas as most are aware had a heart attack, and was admitted to the local hopsital there and then- sweetheart he is he DROVE to the Hospital with me allthe way saying pull over I can DRIVE!! Only I havent driven much in the past 20 years - post car accident- yes we do have Ambulance Cover as well- but he didnt trust his retired nurses' diagnosis - teach him wont it! When I was finally allowed in the nurse was saying heres the woman who drove him in - I looked at Colin - he did look somewhat sheepish and said oooooh no I didnt he did! He was told by every staff member following that of the ways to come to a hopsital while having a heart attack- gggg

                Anyway a week later the decision was made as Col has a failing Kidney Transplant  to move him to my old Hospiatal the Royal Adelaide - the best in Adelaide nay best in South Australia. so the decision to take Col to theatre was also fraught with danger for the kidney to suffer bady and thought were it would not survive surgery at all, so there were many visits from our renal Unit which is also based at the RAH now, and on the day of surgery the head Thoracic surgeon decided he would do Cols surgery. Cols also got a aortic Valve thats reuired replacement so that was also to be replaced while they did the CABG"- turned oout he needed 43 grafts. When he came out of surgery I could see the Urinary output was not good and over the next 2 weeks it was a fight to get it to function at all  but at present its back to almost a "good" creatinine level.
         Anyway his Surgery took place 2 days before Christmas Day he stayed in Cardio Thoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU)overnight and on Xmas morning he was moved back to the Cardio Thoracic ward. On arrival at the hopital Xmas morning Cols face showed some relief - that we were there and anxiety that he was being taken straight back to CTICU. Looking at him I could see his legs were so enlarged with fluid - he couldnt even lift them off the bed- he had at that stage gained 12 kilos in fluid weight and they needed to take some fast action to get this kidney to begin working again- over the next 2 weeks it was up and down eventually we brought him home still on Lasix to help remove fluid retention that remained - he had recovereed excellently from the cardiac surgery and the only problem was the kidney but as I said earleir at present its playing good for now- the Drs in renal unit believe before the endd of the year or within 6 months depending on which Dr is doing the guesternmation as to which one we believe.

        So as you can imagine our Xmas was not brilliant although New years brought us better news still much worry, although at present he remains quite sore on the right side of his chest - the way the body is positioned during cardiac surgery leads to many suffering from this muscullr pain for some time following surgery and we are just hoping this eases off soon - the Dr have assured Colin that this is the cause of his pain.

       So thats it for me at this stage I have many things to put up - not so much of my creating as I have been on a non getting mind around the problems Cols body was throwing at him day after day there n then and my hands shake like the devil these days when I am having one of these anxiety attacks and boy this was a doozy but my mans here and improving so life is settling down slowly but surely and the ideas are coming back fast and furious so I wont be to long to doing some creating.
        More on that later - please forgive me for being such an awful blogger I hope in the coming weeks to make up for it though and to those of you that have joined me as a followers -wowee I have many new ones I cannot believe it  thank you for following me and I hope you will not be sorry you did

        love n hugs Belinda Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox