Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well I have finished some more of my 6 and a !/2 inch Squares

Hewoo one and all

I have had a few little blocks that I am doing in the Secret Meaning of Flowers  a kind of Block of the month But I just go to the online catalogue and choose what I want and when and away I go.I am seriously thinking of now doing a wall hanging with these sweet little blocks. I think I did tell you that I am getting these little flower blocs from the pink bunny lady - Anyway I have the Iris Block waiting to be completed and have just orded daffodil - love daffodils actually I love all flowers and I have had my few daffies flowered here at Dads and they are now setting seed  --they doubled in number from last year and did look so pretty - I should have taken a piccie but didnt -oh well!

Anyway I have scanned the blocks I have now completely finished apart from my initials and the year, so I am feeling rather happy with that so without further ado here they are-------

I have been thinking of doing the meanings on all the blocks as I have done on a couple of them  ie joy -so am still pondering on that after all -- return of happiness-- is a lot to put on the Lily of the valley blocks isnt it, though Innocence wouldnt be a problem on the Daisy block and Message would  be fine on the Pansie block - though that has its meaning on the tiny silkie, and so do a couple of others but thats for the future and I didnt rescan the rose block as its just below this entry. I hope you all like--- please feel free to let me know how you do  like or not (LOL), I have a couple of other things on the burner at present but they will be for future blog entries and piccies---- so for tonight - nighty night and please have a safe day where ever you are.

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I am so sorry to have been missing in stitching!

Hewoo all,

I am sorry its been such an age to tell the truth ,my hands arms shoulders etc have not coped with winter at all this year and I had trouble stitching and also typing - But enough of that its so boring to hear bear complaning such when in this world there are those starving and with diseases that are far more serious then mine. So lets say this its be a pain and leave it at that- when  I felt a little better then I would do a wee bit of stitching until it hurt and then leave it for another day - so I have actually managed to complete another couple of the Language of  Flowers a monthly 6 inch Cq block that can be you can also purchase as I did  by going to the designers web site

Vals web site is gorgeous and no I am not being paid for these comments, I am in such awe of her CQ designs etc so go and have a look see there is another CQ block of the month on the site and other things of interest. Anyway I thought you may like to have a quick look at one that I say is finished but I noticed a small empty space- oh heavens I hate empty spaces I may have to do something with that - but for now here is Joy the pink rose being the flower for joy! I am sorry to say I hate to do an alteration on it Joy gggg I just cannot do anything without adding a wee thing that is different thats so weird of me isnt it?? Hope you like it - I will try and do some more on my blog tomorrow and catch you all up with what I have been doing in the past few weeks!

Love n hugs Belinda
(aka bear)