Saturday, December 30, 2006

My girl- and Santa of course

Hello all

well its been a long while since I blogged but between Colins' health and Dads health and wow yup I was a bit under the weather as well this blog became a lost soul all on its own- I have been doing some of my pictures and putting them in frames- like I have had the frames for years- yup years but there ya go Bears a slacko at times ggggg but I have finished most now and as I came across this photo I thought you might like a look see of the little girl who stole my heart from the moment her Mum and Dad told me they were pregnant.
The outfit she is wearing is one I made - fully smocked top with loads of silk embroidery over the smocking and long pants with a ruffle around the hemline. It was for her trip to see the Store Santa- he is the one who passes on little girls requests for her Xmas day loot! My Caitlin loved her smocked outfits her Nana makes for her and has told me enough in the old books she and I pored over before her Mummy decided that she wouldnt allow Cailtin to visit her Daddy,Nana Grandad, Uncle Kieron and Great Grandparents. I am still making the ones that Caitlin decided she wanted but also some of the new ones that have been published in the magazine called "Smocking and Embroidery published by Country Bumpkin . Thats such a wonderful magazineand it comes out quarterly!

ooh and do you see Bears finally worked out wot she had been doing wrong all this time when I kept saying I couldnt get piccies to load up- well I couldnt and I noticed that theres been a lot of my piccies being saved in TIF format and I notice Blogger wont support TIF format- I dont care cos I can easily change the formats now I know what I was doing wrong yippee!!
well its almost New Years Eve here in Australia
So to one and all Happy New Years and I hope that it will be a better year for all of my dear dear friends!
love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo