Friday, May 29, 2009

what have I been up to

Hello all,
I have been a little quiet of late we all have the dreaded leurgy- its going around here , what can I say-we all have  sore throats my voice goes all croaky and then loose it at times feel hot cold and achy and so do the other men in my life so no sympathy from them either.

In the meantime though I popped over to Spotlight the other day - they had on sale some Crinkle Velvet and I was curious as to would it be somewhat like Judith and Kathryns velvet pieces they sell. and is it?? well its not the quality of J&K's velvet, but its not bad - I picked up half metre pieces of 2 different red colours a beautiful blue which I would call a Peacock blue (its the best colour to my mind), a medium moss green(olive green kinda) and a limp pale brown(that I am thinking of playing with an overdye on this one ) and of course a Black bolt- of which they had 2 bolts and both had been the obvious best choices. Sadly no  Purples spotted mmmmm maybe they just dont have any purple for sale -but I might - if the voice holds up toorrow - ring a couple of the other stores and see what colours they have in you just never know they might have different colours its happened before.

That wasnt my only purchase while standing there waiting my turn patiently (ah hem well kinda patiently) a lady in front of me was purchasing pieces of laces - and the girl serving asked her if she would like to purchase the remainder of the roll for X dollars, no she said - oh hoooo so quick as a flash I asked her if she would pass me two of these pieces over to me- I purchased approx 6 metres of black and silver for 5 dollars and the black and gold had to be at least 8 metres and I got that for 7 dollars - they were on sale for 2 dollars a metre and they are Lurex laces I was wrapt- I can use these for my CQ maybe in Baggies if I am ever involved in swaps  again, or for my embellisher machine work. They are really lovely although unfortunately they dont show up well in the scans sorry about that. The first scan is the silver and black- and its so pretty! Then the second lace picture is the gold and black, I have used some already on the La Tour Tassel dolls outfit.

I have also been working on a CQ handbag - its an evening purse and the scan of this is horrid sorry- but I have used a lot of dupion silk and that really flares when scanned doesn it?? I have been a lot further down the line then I am now with this- I took all of the lace pieces I had on it off as I didnt like them and so theres only a few of the spider web roses made and some of the lines of embroiery on seams have been completed or partly completed but I thought I would let you see that I have been doing something not just sitting around looking at myself gg The saddest thing is I have a major feeling that this is going to wind up yet another WIP or UFO whichever you like best (WIP work in progress, and UFO - Unfinshed object) anyway with that I will post the pics and go  and do some of stuff- I have been working on the little doll Tassel doll again as well but need to take a picture for that so I will later on but not tonight - I did mention her twice sorry!

love n hugs Bear xoxoxox

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

white white my nemesis white

Hi all
well I have been stitching as the weather cools down here in South Australia and we have had some good falls of rain my mind turned to stitching more and snuggling up in front of the fire etc.
Recently Mary O sent me some rubber stamps  I had asked for (Mary was downsizing her collection and I have need of several shall I say?? LOL) Anyway Mary also included in the box some lovely fabrics and a baggie containing a lovely print of a mother and child and the trims and flowers and beads, leaves everything in it was white (the print is very pale in colour as u can see).
I have always found WHITE to be a difficult to use- thats why I dye so many things, I know many will find this crazy but white and I mmmmmmmmmm not a good selection but I was determined to make some sort of block and use the baggie as it was sent. Marys fabrics included some beautiful purple fabrics one of which was this lovely jacquard I had already cut into the fasbaric for something else and somehow wound up with this weird size piece of fabric and rather then CQ it etc I decided to use it as is. Therfore this is the result- I am not sure whether I do or not like it time will tell I guess but with a Black border around the block it will slide into some project down the track wont it- or could I even have a White border??? Now thats carrying it toooooo far I believe a purple border mmm like that thought.

oih Aussie stitchers passing this way has anyone ventured into their local newsagency ??? Well if you do what about picking up this months Issue of Australian Country Craft and Decorating Volume 20 No8, (page 44) Inside is an different slice on a Crazy Quilt for us to enjoy.The project is called Vintage Purses and is by Karen Zoback. As the editors have begun to use Crazy Quilted (or Crazy Patchwork if you like that term better)Projects I feel maybe we should all suppport those that are doing so- Lets face it by supporting them and buying the mags with CQ projects we may get even more Projects by other artists into the magazines.
Love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Went closer to home

Back again -Col and I popped down to Elizabeth this Morning- guess wot all those boring scarves were SOLD out -well at $2 a pop why wouldnt they be sold out darn it!- But we also found that our local store sells shoes so in future I will be visiting the Elizabeth store when they are having their sales on some decent footwear. (Decided against heading over to Norwood although the weather is BEAUTIFUL and it would have been a lovely drive - men who can say wots happening to them any old moment in time LOL)

I thought maybe you would like to see a wee Postcard I made for Hoppa- It was a postcard swap for one of my groups and as per usual I was late late late- but I did make it and it did find its way to Nevada USA and into Hoppas' home.

  love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxox

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Before I go tonight

 I thought I would give you fair warning- I was asked what I have been doing this past couple of weeks-  I have been doing some dying- motifs, flowers, ribbons chenille, laces, tassel, quite a bit and heaps more to go as a matter  of fact - the first and second lots were predominetly purple- I cant help it I am so purple mad and I have  an idea in mind and if I go ahead with it well I am going to need lots of the above to complete the project.

BUT even I get tired of seeing purple and nothing else so I did a couple of hours one day in playing with other colours and that was good fun even dilutions of the colours was used and I am going to play with some more ribbons but first I need to get some 32 mm bgias ribbons made- well I cut material on the bias and that is then used as my ribbons. Works a treat U know! and will then dye them in colours and also dd some purple and softer colours also in the 25mm (made the same way as 32mm) and also the 32 mm ribbons. They make the most gorjas variagated flowers mostly I use them for roses but can be caught out occasionally making other types of flowers.

Colins taking me out tomorow morning- We are heading over the other side of town into Norwood - they have a big Rivers store there and they sell great shoes that are reduced down ridiculousy, Theres also an ad running tonight - they have some as they put it boring woollen scarves for $2 each in 18 colours- now I can add some ribbon embroidery to these Boring bits and they will no longer be Boring will they?? So its off out tomorrow Pity Country Bumpkins gorjas store is closed on Sundays I could have popped in and done some serious trouble to my money tree. Darn it !! darn it!!

So maybe I will have even more to chat about tomorrow! For now I am calling it quits and heading into the lounge chair to embroider some more on my block, Dont know wot this block will be BUT for now its a Shape and its a Purple back ground- some material being used from the supply that my darling MOM MaryO sent me before Xmas last year gg. That was a lovely surprise- Mary was scalling down her upply of rubber stamps and as I dont have many I asked would she give me some- oh boy some I wont be shopping for stamps for a long long time BUT Mary also gave me some faulous material and CQsupplies also sorts of goodies and this wee block I am making is from this stash that Mary sent to me with the stamps - so wait to you see wot this block bag contained- although I may make some ribbon flowers as well- and they were in the box Mary ssent me - Loverly oh so Loverly!! Thanks again MOM

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Did u think I wouldnt show one of the beautiful Bride and her Prince Charming

            Well  have I taken the prize for blog entries here - I have caught up a wee bit today and feeling pleased with myself so did you think I wouldnt show you a Photo of My Bec and Her Prince Charming and guess who is in the background looking all grown up and just as beautiful as her Mum yup thats my Caitlin.

           I think you would have to admit Bec looked beautiful, she has 3 sisters 2 of whom are older then her and one younger, and they were her bridesmaids Caitlin her flowergirl, Jake her gorjas ringbearer -looking very pleased with himself - have added that post as well.

           All in all it looked a beautiful wedding and Bec says not one thing went wrong so although this was Becs first wedding (shes' never even attended a wedding of anyone) maybe theres a future employment aspect there for her. -A wedding planner LOL oh Bear where is your head tonight.

          love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxox



Friday, May 01, 2009

An U all thought it would be months before I came back

                 oh how could you all think that - later the same day here I am I have even fiddled around with pictures to  put up on my blog- StarGate was terrific- Col and I watch it every day Mon - Fri isnt that a sad sad life and if we wont be home we tape it so we can watch it later - such devotion hey??( I didnt complete this post the night I beagan it but I have pulled up my boot straps n came back in a day instead of weeks and months better bear better!)

                 Now where to begin with well lets begin with a wedding - Those closest know that Bec and Chris married in November last year, and I asked her if she would like a bridal wedding Purse?- After clearing up what and why I sent her a pic of the one I was considering making for  her and with the happy yes back from my Bec ,I began to get it ready.- of course me being me I couldnt just leave it at the beads that the designer chose could I - Knowing Becs wedding gown was in white with gold and silver decoration made my choosing easier, BUT my local Spotlight store had pearls of cream and colours everything except WHITE! well some white but not the lot- anyway after much tooing and froing I have enough beads to make several more of these Purses n wouldnt have to purchase another thing other then the motifs. I decided in honor of the silver to get AB beads n this turned out to be a good choice for this purse except for the major problem of flare when taking photos even with the flash turned off - but then I am also not a photographers big toe sadly true Perhaps with practice I will get better and mopre polished taking Photos but for now please forgive my terrible efforts!

       This is  the  beautiful Bridal Purse as was first published in Embroidery and Cross Stitch Vol? No? The Elegant Bridal Purse was designed by Liz Vickery whom I rang up to see if I could buy the  lace motifs I needed. What a lovely lady didnt know me from Adam but was so obliging and so helpful . Liz has had many beaded purses published and also advertises others in the mags, I admire her fortitude although if you like beading and making purses then you cant go far wrong - theres nearly always a reason to make one of these delightful patterns up (should you want to make one of Liz' beautiful patterns why not approach her (-by email I can assure you you will not be dissappointed - Thanks very much Liz I loved making this pattern and Bec was very happy withher beaded purse also, and who knows  maybe one day Caitlin will be carrying it down the aisle to her own Prince Charming, not now though cos boys arent in Caitlins vision.

I did make the pattern slightly different ie used AB bicone gems and wherever there were glass beads these were changed to Ab crystals - unfortunately though to get a clear picture has been nigh impossible as the flash - or non flash the Ab crystals flared, I also changed the hanging chain by actually using gold chain instead of crystals & beads & purls etc. I also made the chain detachable, wasnt sure if Bec wanted the chain or not so this way if she wanted to we could put an entirely different hanging chain on it (perhaps for Caitlin- quit it Nana!).

I hope that you enjoy seeing this magical purse it was made with much love and used on a day where love was the order of the day. Rebecca I pray your marriage is long and sweet 
love n hugs Belinda xoxox
Ps I also made up the wedding "favors" (for the want of a more correct term although I cheated badly with the Horseshoe by buying the horseshoe and ading the motifs etc to it.)

I really dont hate my blog I really dont I love you all!

well here it is downunder the 1st day of May its a typical Autumn afternoon and its raining again in downtown Adelaide- ooh its so loverly to be getting more rain - we have had such a lot but not being silly we need even more now the farmers have begun to sow their winter crop and are praying for follow up rain to get them on their way It would be lovely to be able to say we are finally out of the drought but noone in their right mind would say that yet we need more rain and seeing as this is the dryest state in the driest country in the driest continent who would be that mad?? Not I no way- but its lovely to be having this wonderful rain.

What have I been up to in the past 2 months- well its not all my fault- Colin my beloved has had his rotator cuff op done on his left arm and being that Colin still has a perfectly functioning AV Fistula the Ortho guys decided it was against their prinicples to do the arm arthroscoply and in doing so would prolly have wrecked that lovely functioning AV Fistula (its access for the Haemodyalis - at present though Colin has a wonderfully functioning donated Kidney of 19 years -although function is not as good as it once was n therefore the AV fistula may again be needed if for instance the donated kidney stops functioning and Col is again put onto Haemodyalisis log winded that lot hey??) so the Orthopods had to do Cols rotator Cuff the old fashioned way- that is a 6 inch cut on the outer aspect of the upper arm- so no movement could be done for 8 weeks - that seemed like forever! I was again the Driver in the family although our kids helped out when it was a journey further then Salisbury (10 min drive from home), I also had to cook and wash up and dry up n hang clothes- I found the going very difficult but Dad helped out with the hanging of washing etc I realised just how much Col does behind the scenes It was really quite difficult at times and I needed to rest up back and other body parts more often then normal so not a lot was getting done anywherer else isnt that sad?? But the sling has gone and Cols walking the wall- its one of the physios parts to getting the shoulder back functioning well! U should see him go- Hes an amazing chap and is almost up to the top of the wall walking- AMAZING!! of course the fact that Col cannot play golf until the shoulder is functioning right is a great incentive isn it? But he already back to cooking for us washing clothes Dad and I still hanging, and he is back to washing up n I drying up so we are almost back to square one! yippee!!
So thats part of where and what I have been doing while I have not been on my blog- I prolly have noone looking anymore and I dont blame them- but in part 2 of this entry they will be very VERY sorry if they arent looking in anymore - cos I have been doing some things while i have been on canteen and other duty's. Pretty things 
Back soon Stargate is on  so I am off to catch up with my favourite show back again later I promise
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox