Saturday, May 02, 2009

Did u think I wouldnt show one of the beautiful Bride and her Prince Charming

            Well  have I taken the prize for blog entries here - I have caught up a wee bit today and feeling pleased with myself so did you think I wouldnt show you a Photo of My Bec and Her Prince Charming and guess who is in the background looking all grown up and just as beautiful as her Mum yup thats my Caitlin.

           I think you would have to admit Bec looked beautiful, she has 3 sisters 2 of whom are older then her and one younger, and they were her bridesmaids Caitlin her flowergirl, Jake her gorjas ringbearer -looking very pleased with himself - have added that post as well.

           All in all it looked a beautiful wedding and Bec says not one thing went wrong so although this was Becs first wedding (shes' never even attended a wedding of anyone) maybe theres a future employment aspect there for her. -A wedding planner LOL oh Bear where is your head tonight.

          love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxox



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Karen Becker said...

Bear, Caitlin is sooo pretty! That purse is absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented.
Karen Becker