Saturday, May 02, 2009

Before I go tonight

 I thought I would give you fair warning- I was asked what I have been doing this past couple of weeks-  I have been doing some dying- motifs, flowers, ribbons chenille, laces, tassel, quite a bit and heaps more to go as a matter  of fact - the first and second lots were predominetly purple- I cant help it I am so purple mad and I have  an idea in mind and if I go ahead with it well I am going to need lots of the above to complete the project.

BUT even I get tired of seeing purple and nothing else so I did a couple of hours one day in playing with other colours and that was good fun even dilutions of the colours was used and I am going to play with some more ribbons but first I need to get some 32 mm bgias ribbons made- well I cut material on the bias and that is then used as my ribbons. Works a treat U know! and will then dye them in colours and also dd some purple and softer colours also in the 25mm (made the same way as 32mm) and also the 32 mm ribbons. They make the most gorjas variagated flowers mostly I use them for roses but can be caught out occasionally making other types of flowers.

Colins taking me out tomorow morning- We are heading over the other side of town into Norwood - they have a big Rivers store there and they sell great shoes that are reduced down ridiculousy, Theres also an ad running tonight - they have some as they put it boring woollen scarves for $2 each in 18 colours- now I can add some ribbon embroidery to these Boring bits and they will no longer be Boring will they?? So its off out tomorrow Pity Country Bumpkins gorjas store is closed on Sundays I could have popped in and done some serious trouble to my money tree. Darn it !! darn it!!

So maybe I will have even more to chat about tomorrow! For now I am calling it quits and heading into the lounge chair to embroider some more on my block, Dont know wot this block will be BUT for now its a Shape and its a Purple back ground- some material being used from the supply that my darling MOM MaryO sent me before Xmas last year gg. That was a lovely surprise- Mary was scalling down her upply of rubber stamps and as I dont have many I asked would she give me some- oh boy some I wont be shopping for stamps for a long long time BUT Mary also gave me some faulous material and CQsupplies also sorts of goodies and this wee block I am making is from this stash that Mary sent to me with the stamps - so wait to you see wot this block bag contained- although I may make some ribbon flowers as well- and they were in the box Mary ssent me - Loverly oh so Loverly!! Thanks again MOM

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

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