Friday, May 01, 2009

I really dont hate my blog I really dont I love you all!

well here it is downunder the 1st day of May its a typical Autumn afternoon and its raining again in downtown Adelaide- ooh its so loverly to be getting more rain - we have had such a lot but not being silly we need even more now the farmers have begun to sow their winter crop and are praying for follow up rain to get them on their way It would be lovely to be able to say we are finally out of the drought but noone in their right mind would say that yet we need more rain and seeing as this is the dryest state in the driest country in the driest continent who would be that mad?? Not I no way- but its lovely to be having this wonderful rain.

What have I been up to in the past 2 months- well its not all my fault- Colin my beloved has had his rotator cuff op done on his left arm and being that Colin still has a perfectly functioning AV Fistula the Ortho guys decided it was against their prinicples to do the arm arthroscoply and in doing so would prolly have wrecked that lovely functioning AV Fistula (its access for the Haemodyalis - at present though Colin has a wonderfully functioning donated Kidney of 19 years -although function is not as good as it once was n therefore the AV fistula may again be needed if for instance the donated kidney stops functioning and Col is again put onto Haemodyalisis log winded that lot hey??) so the Orthopods had to do Cols rotator Cuff the old fashioned way- that is a 6 inch cut on the outer aspect of the upper arm- so no movement could be done for 8 weeks - that seemed like forever! I was again the Driver in the family although our kids helped out when it was a journey further then Salisbury (10 min drive from home), I also had to cook and wash up and dry up n hang clothes- I found the going very difficult but Dad helped out with the hanging of washing etc I realised just how much Col does behind the scenes It was really quite difficult at times and I needed to rest up back and other body parts more often then normal so not a lot was getting done anywherer else isnt that sad?? But the sling has gone and Cols walking the wall- its one of the physios parts to getting the shoulder back functioning well! U should see him go- Hes an amazing chap and is almost up to the top of the wall walking- AMAZING!! of course the fact that Col cannot play golf until the shoulder is functioning right is a great incentive isn it? But he already back to cooking for us washing clothes Dad and I still hanging, and he is back to washing up n I drying up so we are almost back to square one! yippee!!
So thats part of where and what I have been doing while I have not been on my blog- I prolly have noone looking anymore and I dont blame them- but in part 2 of this entry they will be very VERY sorry if they arent looking in anymore - cos I have been doing some things while i have been on canteen and other duty's. Pretty things 
Back soon Stargate is on  so I am off to catch up with my favourite show back again later I promise
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox


Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Bear, Sorry to hear about Colin's shoulder problems but I am glad the doctors got it all sort out and he is recovery fast from it.
You take care of yourself and keep us informed.

Bear said...

Hi Shashi
Hes much better and I am able to slow down a bit now and catch up- miss you! xoxoxoxox