Friday, May 29, 2009

what have I been up to

Hello all,
I have been a little quiet of late we all have the dreaded leurgy- its going around here , what can I say-we all have  sore throats my voice goes all croaky and then loose it at times feel hot cold and achy and so do the other men in my life so no sympathy from them either.

In the meantime though I popped over to Spotlight the other day - they had on sale some Crinkle Velvet and I was curious as to would it be somewhat like Judith and Kathryns velvet pieces they sell. and is it?? well its not the quality of J&K's velvet, but its not bad - I picked up half metre pieces of 2 different red colours a beautiful blue which I would call a Peacock blue (its the best colour to my mind), a medium moss green(olive green kinda) and a limp pale brown(that I am thinking of playing with an overdye on this one ) and of course a Black bolt- of which they had 2 bolts and both had been the obvious best choices. Sadly no  Purples spotted mmmmm maybe they just dont have any purple for sale -but I might - if the voice holds up toorrow - ring a couple of the other stores and see what colours they have in you just never know they might have different colours its happened before.

That wasnt my only purchase while standing there waiting my turn patiently (ah hem well kinda patiently) a lady in front of me was purchasing pieces of laces - and the girl serving asked her if she would like to purchase the remainder of the roll for X dollars, no she said - oh hoooo so quick as a flash I asked her if she would pass me two of these pieces over to me- I purchased approx 6 metres of black and silver for 5 dollars and the black and gold had to be at least 8 metres and I got that for 7 dollars - they were on sale for 2 dollars a metre and they are Lurex laces I was wrapt- I can use these for my CQ maybe in Baggies if I am ever involved in swaps  again, or for my embellisher machine work. They are really lovely although unfortunately they dont show up well in the scans sorry about that. The first scan is the silver and black- and its so pretty! Then the second lace picture is the gold and black, I have used some already on the La Tour Tassel dolls outfit.

I have also been working on a CQ handbag - its an evening purse and the scan of this is horrid sorry- but I have used a lot of dupion silk and that really flares when scanned doesn it?? I have been a lot further down the line then I am now with this- I took all of the lace pieces I had on it off as I didnt like them and so theres only a few of the spider web roses made and some of the lines of embroiery on seams have been completed or partly completed but I thought I would let you see that I have been doing something not just sitting around looking at myself gg The saddest thing is I have a major feeling that this is going to wind up yet another WIP or UFO whichever you like best (WIP work in progress, and UFO - Unfinshed object) anyway with that I will post the pics and go  and do some of stuff- I have been working on the little doll Tassel doll again as well but need to take a picture for that so I will later on but not tonight - I did mention her twice sorry!

love n hugs Bear xoxoxox


Shashi Nayagam said...

It gives one a warm fuzzy feeling when you know you have got a bargain. I can see that lace is gorgeous. Love the little piece you are making too.
Hope you all start feeling better soon.

Bunny said...

Your work is wonderful. Hope you feel better soon.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Get well soon, Bear! Love the lace you got - and what a bargain! Does your heart good! lol