Monday, June 22, 2009

I moved and got some sewing done finally

Hi all
Well would you believe it I finally got to my sewing machine- I have had 3 pieces of ruled up 6 inch square calico(muslin for our American friends) for yonks and I thought rather then throw them out I should make them up
so I began- and it always happens- the first one inevitably winds up being pulled apart for some reason or other. But I am satisfied with them now. I used some silkies that my friend Sandy sent me ages ago of some gorjas women. I have gone right out on a limb with one square black and beigeand a silvery type colours and the little silkie has pink flowers around the womans bust n hair so I intend going crazy with these colours. Will see how it turns out.
I have also decided to make some CQ squares for a quilt or a throw or something have several "bought" silkies and how many can you frame so I decided tonight that they are going to be CQed.
But thats for the future for now this is it-and I am waiting on pins and needles as I ordered some Colourstreams silk threads over the weekend(I must learn not to order when looking at shops online its costing me a fortune -not! ggg)I hope they arrive soon so I can go beresk on one of the purple squares wait til you see wot I have planned for that block okay here goes I have to go find the pics I took of the naked blocks. I apologise in advance theres a lot of "flaring" on the pictures I think its the scanner objecting to the shiny material
love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo


Shashi Nayagam said...

It is so beautiful. YOu certainly have an eye for colours.

JudiA said...

Good for you Bear - I'm so glad you made some time to create. Aren't those threads too wonderful? I hope you'll post a pic when they arrive!