Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have been tagged

oh deary me.............

I have been tagged by 3 different people and to be honest I think everyone I would like to tag has been tagged and most more then once - so unless someone would like me to tag them I may just do my 7 random facts that no-one knows about me and call it quits- I hope all like that idea-as I said you wanna be tagged give me a "hoy" and I will do the honour for you!! Thank you for tagging the bear goes to Hideko who got me first, Sherry who tagged me next and Fran who was my last tagger but not the least by all means I does so loves you all BUT.................... read on......

7 unknown facts about bear
1/ I LOVE to sleep in especially in winter when its cold and raining my bed is my den and I snuggle down as far as I can and resist all of Colins yelling at me to get up as long as I can!!
2/. I adore Farmers Union brand of Ice Coffee - drinking it by the litre- as any good self respecting South Aussie does- ITS THE ice coffee drink and leaves all others in its wake- Thank you Farmers Union I will accept all the litres you can send me for this advertisement!!
3 /I love the smell of hot coffee- but hate the drink(although I do like cappuchino coffee its something to do with the froth and chocolate I think but as for the rest can leave it happily!
4/ Since buying my first computer and connecting to the www have discovered life again and have delighted in finding some of the most adorable people I regard as fabulous friends through this wonderful medium.
5/I spend way to much time on the www. and not enough doing my sewing, embroidery etc noighty bear!!
6/ I hate my height and would give anything to be small like my dear maternal grandmother was- she was a dainty 4ft 9 inch me- well I am 5ft12 in. (yes that is 6 foot and it was not fun when I was young!
7/ I prayed I wouldn't get tagged- its so hard to think of things that people wouldn't know about me. Thank you dear darling Hideko , Sherry and Fran for doing the tagging of poor old bear. I feel like I am an open book and most know me fairly well.

Added to those above this is an extra one and those of you who know me will know this one about me BUT most of all if there was a wish to be attached to these 7 things not known about me then this is the one wish I would have ---I WISH that I could see and hear and speak to and cuddle and kiss a certain little granddaughter of mine whose name is Caitlin Skye Sweeney, Caitlin you are 9 and a half now and its been nearly 5 years since we last cuddled and kissed BUT I want you to know there has never been one day or one minute or one hour in each day and night that I am awake or asleep that I have not wanted to hold you tight and tell you how beautiful you are and how much I love you. Maybe this is the one thing waiting for me to happen- that you will be back in my life before you or I are any older.

Caitlin Skye Sweeney - I love you!!

So there you go ladies I hope I have answered these Tags rightly and as I said earlier if you would like to be tagged- please feel free to let me know I will send you a tag real quick.
Thank you and Bless all my lovely friends ----I love you all

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

julia's gathering block

here I am again
I finished my little inchie charms and sent them off to America even ontiome I was- how unusual for me??
I did forget to take a picture of them so have asked my swap momma to do that for me and I will scan the picture of my inchie's in when Sherry has sent me the picture- they turned out okay- thank goodness for the arrival of Cloth Paper Scissors as it had the edging I wanted to do and the explanation so simple and just wanted I wanted to make perfect- how many times does that happen- none to many around this place believe me.

Anyway of that topic and back onto my evenings work- each evening I am working on at least one of the gathering blocks at present have 3 on the go- I get so bored playing around with one ggg that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!! VBG!!

So this is one that I finished- where have I heard THAT line before- this gathering block is for the one the only lovely Julia from Western Australia- Julia is a published fabric artist and does the most amazing embroidery and I always get the jitters whenever I am doing something for her - will it come up okay her embroidery is so beautiful so exact so well so PERFECT and I am just a little bear playing at doing my own little versions of embroidery, I am so very unsure of this little piece of work- I asked Dad for his opinion - he says its beautiful- but then I thought oh heck that's Dads opinion heavens what is he going to say- girl that's horrid- he might be thinking to himself this girls here taking care of me I have to watch what I say ggggg, she might stick me with pins or stitch my mouth together with glue - anyway going on Dads very very biased opinion I offer Julias' block- I so hope you like it Julia I really do and if you don't please send it back and I will redo it I mean that word for word if you don't like it the return mail addie is on the envelope.
so till next time love n hugs all Bear xoxoxo

Friday, May 18, 2007

more on Gathering blocks

Hello again-

Thank you to Sherry and Fran who have also tagged me- theirs is a different tagging to the one that darling Hideko tagged me with- hang in there all And I will get around to doing my 3 dears of the tagging world! I love you three BUT oh deary me LOL!!

At present I am fighting a viral infection that Dear Old Dad brought back from his trip to Tasmania he went for a Naval Reunion and also to catch up with his mates etc who live way downunder the Aussie mainland. Both Colin and I have caught this darn bug and its left us feeling very tired etc- anyway I will try and do all my tags next week- this weekend has been set aside to do my "Inchies" -" inchies" can be made of anything ie clay or composite materials or paper or fabric- or wotever- so long as they are about one inch square hence the name. I have an idea to incorporate my favourite playthings- material - but not to give the game away yet - more on this later.

I have made another 2 of my gathering blocks-these being for Margaret and Mary. Someone asked what we do with these- well the ones I am making will be sent to the ladies named who will also receive 12 others from the group of ladies involved in this swap- what we do with them- well some are making wall hangings - mine that I made for Maureen will one day go into her crazy Quilt yippee I tried my hardest to make her one that would do this, I can think of no other way of being remembered fondly by her family then to have my block somewhere in her quilt. Me -- well I am not sure yet- I have several blocks put aside and I really change my mind daily almost as to wot I will use them for- the latest is making a throw rug. I need to make many more though so I have plenty of time to change my mind before I set it into the final blanket quilt wall hanging wotever its going to be!!

Next week I will put up all of the "gathering" blocks I received from the girls who made them. I should explain that the Gathering" blocks- were a swap decided on by the ladies who were going to attend the "gathering at Sandies' and Chris" hacienda over the last Easter break. Several of us weren't able to go but those who did had a fabulous time. When we were talking about arrangements it was brought up that it would be a terrific idea to have something tangible from each of the gathering participants and so the idea of a 6 inch square block was formed- we all filled out a list of our likes and dislikes and colours and in the end there were 13 of us who were in this swap of blocks. With the upheaval in our lives around Xmas and through to Easter my block making was sidelined and this is why mine are all happening now! I hope that explains the Gathering blocks to you all!

Anyway the first of these two was made for darling Margaret, who like me was unable to come to the gathering and Margaret loves all things blue so I made her block all things blue- in the beginning I was even going to make the leaves blue but as time went by I changed that idea and made them green- (how boring Bear) but if you look closely you will find one flower and its leaves are blue, I had to leave that piece of nonsense on there!! I hope you like your blue blue block Margaret I had fun making this one!!

The second block is for Mary L, another who couldn't make it to the gathering either. When I looked at what Mary liked she had written cream and all colours but no brights- eek all dusty colours double eek!!! Way outta left field again and that comfort zone is nowhere to be seen again- anyway I added sage green don't know why but it looked okay I thought and then I played again a lot of the ribbons were home dyed and again they were all of a cream nature well kinda anyway as I wanted to add the gold dragonflies I needed to bring gold in somewhere else and so this is why the window frame has golden beads around it. Mary I hope you like this again this is one outta the box for me- I love all things bright and purple but I hope this is enough cream and not to bright for you. It will be in the post on Tuesday next week and then hopefully in your hands before to much time has past gggg.

I will have a tiny break from the blocks now and do my "Inchies" and a couple of other projects I have to finish off.

So I will catch up next week with my Tagging friends and I hope all have a fabulous weekend Love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, May 07, 2007

Another Gathering block completed

Its been a while since I said hello and since then I have been "tagged" by my dear friend Hideko, and I am in the process of doing a post in which I will be "tagging" 5 blogs I go to when I need inspiration etc. That post is in draft form- I am not very computer savvie and in saying that I also have to admit that I am also definately not Blog savvie and that's no understatement - I have been to trying to work out how to do links etc and my friend Sandie must be just about pulling her lovely long blonde hair out with my daily litany of questions- and of course the questions are almost double dutch by the time I send them to her- I hope others feel this way and its not just me out here in the netherworld of computer and blogs feeling so useless and incapable of sane thoughts when it comes to this!

So in despiration I thought I would do the one thing I do know how to do and thats display another finished "gathering Block" - this one is for Andrea who lives way down on the wee Island off the mainland of Australia- its also known as Tasmania- hi ya Andrea big waves across the big sea to you!! Andrea likes pink and burgundy colours and so this is why her block is in these colours I hope you like it Andrea I will be posting it tomorrow with my love to you!!