Friday, May 18, 2007

more on Gathering blocks

Hello again-

Thank you to Sherry and Fran who have also tagged me- theirs is a different tagging to the one that darling Hideko tagged me with- hang in there all And I will get around to doing my 3 dears of the tagging world! I love you three BUT oh deary me LOL!!

At present I am fighting a viral infection that Dear Old Dad brought back from his trip to Tasmania he went for a Naval Reunion and also to catch up with his mates etc who live way downunder the Aussie mainland. Both Colin and I have caught this darn bug and its left us feeling very tired etc- anyway I will try and do all my tags next week- this weekend has been set aside to do my "Inchies" -" inchies" can be made of anything ie clay or composite materials or paper or fabric- or wotever- so long as they are about one inch square hence the name. I have an idea to incorporate my favourite playthings- material - but not to give the game away yet - more on this later.

I have made another 2 of my gathering blocks-these being for Margaret and Mary. Someone asked what we do with these- well the ones I am making will be sent to the ladies named who will also receive 12 others from the group of ladies involved in this swap- what we do with them- well some are making wall hangings - mine that I made for Maureen will one day go into her crazy Quilt yippee I tried my hardest to make her one that would do this, I can think of no other way of being remembered fondly by her family then to have my block somewhere in her quilt. Me -- well I am not sure yet- I have several blocks put aside and I really change my mind daily almost as to wot I will use them for- the latest is making a throw rug. I need to make many more though so I have plenty of time to change my mind before I set it into the final blanket quilt wall hanging wotever its going to be!!

Next week I will put up all of the "gathering" blocks I received from the girls who made them. I should explain that the Gathering" blocks- were a swap decided on by the ladies who were going to attend the "gathering at Sandies' and Chris" hacienda over the last Easter break. Several of us weren't able to go but those who did had a fabulous time. When we were talking about arrangements it was brought up that it would be a terrific idea to have something tangible from each of the gathering participants and so the idea of a 6 inch square block was formed- we all filled out a list of our likes and dislikes and colours and in the end there were 13 of us who were in this swap of blocks. With the upheaval in our lives around Xmas and through to Easter my block making was sidelined and this is why mine are all happening now! I hope that explains the Gathering blocks to you all!

Anyway the first of these two was made for darling Margaret, who like me was unable to come to the gathering and Margaret loves all things blue so I made her block all things blue- in the beginning I was even going to make the leaves blue but as time went by I changed that idea and made them green- (how boring Bear) but if you look closely you will find one flower and its leaves are blue, I had to leave that piece of nonsense on there!! I hope you like your blue blue block Margaret I had fun making this one!!

The second block is for Mary L, another who couldn't make it to the gathering either. When I looked at what Mary liked she had written cream and all colours but no brights- eek all dusty colours double eek!!! Way outta left field again and that comfort zone is nowhere to be seen again- anyway I added sage green don't know why but it looked okay I thought and then I played again a lot of the ribbons were home dyed and again they were all of a cream nature well kinda anyway as I wanted to add the gold dragonflies I needed to bring gold in somewhere else and so this is why the window frame has golden beads around it. Mary I hope you like this again this is one outta the box for me- I love all things bright and purple but I hope this is enough cream and not to bright for you. It will be in the post on Tuesday next week and then hopefully in your hands before to much time has past gggg.

I will have a tiny break from the blocks now and do my "Inchies" and a couple of other projects I have to finish off.

So I will catch up next week with my Tagging friends and I hope all have a fabulous weekend Love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Kerry said...

These are both beautiful as always but that cream one is my favorite!

Jo in NZ said...

Bear, your work is gorgeous!! I wish you could find the time to do more....

Shashi Nayagam said...

What can I say Bear these are abosolutely awesome Wow!! Take care of yourself and get well soon.

MaryO said...

These are very beautiful! I go over each one inch by inch and there isn't one spot where there isn't something lovely happening.
You have such a marvelous talent for CQ!

Jacque Uetz said...

Bear you do such detailed clean workI am in love with these gathering blocks .they are both just sooo beautiful!I hope you and your family are on the mend!

NormaH said...

WOW! WOW!! and double WOW!!!!!!

Fran said...

Bear, I'm loving every piece I see but this one is my favorite yet. The bottom blue one. OOOOOOOOOOO Lovely.
Love & Hugs