Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have been tagged

oh deary me.............

I have been tagged by 3 different people and to be honest I think everyone I would like to tag has been tagged and most more then once - so unless someone would like me to tag them I may just do my 7 random facts that no-one knows about me and call it quits- I hope all like that idea-as I said you wanna be tagged give me a "hoy" and I will do the honour for you!! Thank you for tagging the bear goes to Hideko who got me first, Sherry who tagged me next and Fran who was my last tagger but not the least by all means I does so loves you all BUT.................... read on......

7 unknown facts about bear
1/ I LOVE to sleep in especially in winter when its cold and raining my bed is my den and I snuggle down as far as I can and resist all of Colins yelling at me to get up as long as I can!!
2/. I adore Farmers Union brand of Ice Coffee - drinking it by the litre- as any good self respecting South Aussie does- ITS THE ice coffee drink and leaves all others in its wake- Thank you Farmers Union I will accept all the litres you can send me for this advertisement!!
3 /I love the smell of hot coffee- but hate the drink(although I do like cappuchino coffee its something to do with the froth and chocolate I think but as for the rest can leave it happily!
4/ Since buying my first computer and connecting to the www have discovered life again and have delighted in finding some of the most adorable people I regard as fabulous friends through this wonderful medium.
5/I spend way to much time on the www. and not enough doing my sewing, embroidery etc noighty bear!!
6/ I hate my height and would give anything to be small like my dear maternal grandmother was- she was a dainty 4ft 9 inch me- well I am 5ft12 in. (yes that is 6 foot and it was not fun when I was young!
7/ I prayed I wouldn't get tagged- its so hard to think of things that people wouldn't know about me. Thank you dear darling Hideko , Sherry and Fran for doing the tagging of poor old bear. I feel like I am an open book and most know me fairly well.

Added to those above this is an extra one and those of you who know me will know this one about me BUT most of all if there was a wish to be attached to these 7 things not known about me then this is the one wish I would have ---I WISH that I could see and hear and speak to and cuddle and kiss a certain little granddaughter of mine whose name is Caitlin Skye Sweeney, Caitlin you are 9 and a half now and its been nearly 5 years since we last cuddled and kissed BUT I want you to know there has never been one day or one minute or one hour in each day and night that I am awake or asleep that I have not wanted to hold you tight and tell you how beautiful you are and how much I love you. Maybe this is the one thing waiting for me to happen- that you will be back in my life before you or I are any older.

Caitlin Skye Sweeney - I love you!!

So there you go ladies I hope I have answered these Tags rightly and as I said earlier if you would like to be tagged- please feel free to let me know I will send you a tag real quick.
Thank you and Bless all my lovely friends ----I love you all

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Jacque Uetz said...

Bear what a touching post..the letter to Caitlin, brought tears to my eyes.. I do hope you two can be together before too long. Life sometimes seems very cruel don't it?? My heart goes out to you! lub you Jacque

Linda said...

Bear I sleep in too.
My heart goes out to you over your granddaughter. I can only imagine your pain. I have tears steaming down my face. All my Love...auntie Linda

MaryO said...

Aw, Bear, love, I know you miss your Caitlin. I hope beyond hope that she will find you again one day soon. As for being tall, my dear, I have a daughter who is also 5'12" and she loves being tall. Her daughter #1(my darling grand) is also 6' tall, and daughter #2(my other darling grand) is getting up there, too! Tall girls like you are BEAUTIFUL!