Wednesday, May 30, 2007

julia's gathering block

here I am again
I finished my little inchie charms and sent them off to America even ontiome I was- how unusual for me??
I did forget to take a picture of them so have asked my swap momma to do that for me and I will scan the picture of my inchie's in when Sherry has sent me the picture- they turned out okay- thank goodness for the arrival of Cloth Paper Scissors as it had the edging I wanted to do and the explanation so simple and just wanted I wanted to make perfect- how many times does that happen- none to many around this place believe me.

Anyway of that topic and back onto my evenings work- each evening I am working on at least one of the gathering blocks at present have 3 on the go- I get so bored playing around with one ggg that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!! VBG!!

So this is one that I finished- where have I heard THAT line before- this gathering block is for the one the only lovely Julia from Western Australia- Julia is a published fabric artist and does the most amazing embroidery and I always get the jitters whenever I am doing something for her - will it come up okay her embroidery is so beautiful so exact so well so PERFECT and I am just a little bear playing at doing my own little versions of embroidery, I am so very unsure of this little piece of work- I asked Dad for his opinion - he says its beautiful- but then I thought oh heck that's Dads opinion heavens what is he going to say- girl that's horrid- he might be thinking to himself this girls here taking care of me I have to watch what I say ggggg, she might stick me with pins or stitch my mouth together with glue - anyway going on Dads very very biased opinion I offer Julias' block- I so hope you like it Julia I really do and if you don't please send it back and I will redo it I mean that word for word if you don't like it the return mail addie is on the envelope.
so till next time love n hugs all Bear xoxoxo


Kerry said...

just gorgeous bear! I love the lady pictures added to it and just beautiful colors!

Ribbonwiz said...

My dear Bear,
You hurry up and send my block...I just love it!
Bear, there's nothing to change on's perfect as it is.
From my heart, I honestly LOVE it!
Thank you for taking the time to make it so special..

Sandie said...

It is perfect Bear, just gorgeous as always!

Rose Anne B said...

Ohhh Belinda Bear these precious gathering blocks bring tears to my eyes they are so lovely! And talk about a lot of SRE and embroidery. Also where or where do you find all your charms from?

Rose Anne B.

Vivienne said...

Oh Belinda, it is absolutely beeeeautiful - if Julia didn't want it, I would have had it!! I love your gorgeous roses, you are an expert on getting them to look so lifelike.
Love and hugs from Viv

NormaH said...

Dear Bear, such tremendously gorgeous work you do.

Apex emroidery said...

Great work you go