Friday, May 01, 2009

An U all thought it would be months before I came back

                 oh how could you all think that - later the same day here I am I have even fiddled around with pictures to  put up on my blog- StarGate was terrific- Col and I watch it every day Mon - Fri isnt that a sad sad life and if we wont be home we tape it so we can watch it later - such devotion hey??( I didnt complete this post the night I beagan it but I have pulled up my boot straps n came back in a day instead of weeks and months better bear better!)

                 Now where to begin with well lets begin with a wedding - Those closest know that Bec and Chris married in November last year, and I asked her if she would like a bridal wedding Purse?- After clearing up what and why I sent her a pic of the one I was considering making for  her and with the happy yes back from my Bec ,I began to get it ready.- of course me being me I couldnt just leave it at the beads that the designer chose could I - Knowing Becs wedding gown was in white with gold and silver decoration made my choosing easier, BUT my local Spotlight store had pearls of cream and colours everything except WHITE! well some white but not the lot- anyway after much tooing and froing I have enough beads to make several more of these Purses n wouldnt have to purchase another thing other then the motifs. I decided in honor of the silver to get AB beads n this turned out to be a good choice for this purse except for the major problem of flare when taking photos even with the flash turned off - but then I am also not a photographers big toe sadly true Perhaps with practice I will get better and mopre polished taking Photos but for now please forgive my terrible efforts!

       This is  the  beautiful Bridal Purse as was first published in Embroidery and Cross Stitch Vol? No? The Elegant Bridal Purse was designed by Liz Vickery whom I rang up to see if I could buy the  lace motifs I needed. What a lovely lady didnt know me from Adam but was so obliging and so helpful . Liz has had many beaded purses published and also advertises others in the mags, I admire her fortitude although if you like beading and making purses then you cant go far wrong - theres nearly always a reason to make one of these delightful patterns up (should you want to make one of Liz' beautiful patterns why not approach her (-by email I can assure you you will not be dissappointed - Thanks very much Liz I loved making this pattern and Bec was very happy withher beaded purse also, and who knows  maybe one day Caitlin will be carrying it down the aisle to her own Prince Charming, not now though cos boys arent in Caitlins vision.

I did make the pattern slightly different ie used AB bicone gems and wherever there were glass beads these were changed to Ab crystals - unfortunately though to get a clear picture has been nigh impossible as the flash - or non flash the Ab crystals flared, I also changed the hanging chain by actually using gold chain instead of crystals & beads & purls etc. I also made the chain detachable, wasnt sure if Bec wanted the chain or not so this way if she wanted to we could put an entirely different hanging chain on it (perhaps for Caitlin- quit it Nana!).

I hope that you enjoy seeing this magical purse it was made with much love and used on a day where love was the order of the day. Rebecca I pray your marriage is long and sweet 
love n hugs Belinda xoxox
Ps I also made up the wedding "favors" (for the want of a more correct term although I cheated badly with the Horseshoe by buying the horseshoe and ading the motifs etc to it.)


Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh my Bear what exquisite work you do. Your daughter is sure so lucky to have a mum who made such beautiful things for her wedding.

BumbleVee said...

Oh WOW.... your beaded purse is absolutely gorgeous...!