Monday, February 28, 2011

did I not say ???

Hewoo there,

These are from the Dolls Of Japan Display between Burnside and their sisters city in Japan. I apologise I seem to have misplaced the souveneir pamplet which has the sister city in Japans' name on it. When I find it I will put it up on my blog - These are some of the dolls.....

Now then having said many eons ago that I would show some of the gorjus dolls of Japan. This display was in the lovely leafy suburb of Burnside (for those not of Adelaide, Burnside is one of THE suburbs in town to live well it used to be anyway). So Colin, Dad and I went to the Burnside Library to see the display of the many beautiiful dolls. Hideko one of my favourite ladies is from Japan and knows how much I adore all things Japanese and these dolls were oh...... they were just beautiful..... In Japan they have a special day for little girls when they bring out the their  most beautiful dolls and display them and the same for little boys and in the display were 2 dolls one a little girls and of course one little boys dolls I cannot express in words just how magnificent these particular dolls were they were SPECTACULAR and sadly my camera skill are way below par. I hope you will forgive me the terrible photography but I am sure you get the idea these dolls were all so beautiful, the guys thought I was going to be there forever and believe me I wanted to stay, I was amazed at how the wonderful the workmmanship was even the tiniest of the dolls there were amazing, the hours that would have gone into making the dolls my heart soared that day.

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get these few pictures up on my blog if anyone would like to see more..... I have more pics..... you only have to ask...........

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxox

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