Monday, January 01, 2007

other bears and an elephant as well gg

The top picture is the Joan Watters Red Bear way back in time- I am sure I changed her pattern around a bit but not sure- I was at that stage fairly rigidly following a person pattern, and would be so upsset if it didnt look the same !!

The next picture is of the Purple bear- this was the first time I had ever embroidered on felt and its still made using wool embroidery threads - an interesting experiment mmmmmmmmm anyway it didnt put me off as I then did the pink elephant on ehite Felt as well.

Sorry bout the picture quality I was really bad with a camera then as well- not much better now am I?? But I think I am a wee bit better both at embroidery and also holding a camera still - plus with digital cameras you can see straight away if its a clean print or not so thats prolly why I have improved with the camera holding

Hope you enjoyed this little look back in time I cant belie4ve how bad I was back then -!!


Kai said...

You are AWESOME! I can't IMAGINE creating such perfect, tiny things! Your bears are ALL beautiful! JUST LIKE THE BEAR WHO MADE THEM! Love you!

MaryO said...

Awww, they're darling, Bear! I especially love the elephant. Someone made me one when I was about 4, but it mysteriously disappeared before I had time to play with it.
Happy New Year, dear friend!

sandycw said...

The Bears and Elephant is beautiful sweetie, what you mean they are horrible. I love them and would love to call them mine. Just make sure when you move house you leave a forwarding address where Caty can find you.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hiya Bear!! Its a long time since I spoke to you. Glad to know that the New Year has started on a promising note for you. Sorry didn't get around to writing to you before I left but you were in my thoughts as always. I am back now and hope you will keep this blog going it is so lovely to see your lovely little bears and your beautiful embroidary at least this way we can keep in touch more often.
Hugs to you.

Linda said...

Bear, these are lovely! I have never seen an embroidered bear before- and I love it!
Linda F from FL

Jan D said...

Hi Bear Loved everything so far and yea I am attempting to post just wanted you to know I did come and have a look and really enjoyed it all.. Now hope this goes thru Hugs Jan D