Tuesday, February 20, 2007

bears off air

hewoo one and all

its been a while since I said hewoo - and now I am only saying hewoo to say that I am off air- my pooter has gone kaplunk and I am using Kirks pooter to tell yas that I wont be around pooter land for about a week- heavens how will I survive without my pooter friends for a whole week- lets hope the repair man can work it out quick smart and cheaply!!
The latest is that I got a new modem and tried to get out yesterday on the new modem and nope no such luck- then the man from my server says your network card has fritzed itself so we race down and get a new one put it in and no joy yet again. So server man is guessing now and says maybe the modem and the motherboard are not chatting to each other - yup motherboard not talking means big moola- heck!!

So non talking modem and tower are in the repair shop and hopefully they can work out wots really going on and I can get back online without it costing me the arm and the leg I can feel its going to cost me

I loves yas all and will be missing you all

big bear hugs and big bear loves to my darling granddaughter - Caitlin Skye- who turns the big 9 years old today

and big hugs and loves to the ones who love me enuff to read this


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Kerry said...

so sorry bear, hopefully you'll be back with us soon!