Wednesday, February 28, 2007

now heres a tale of derbears big mouth getting her into trouble

Hewoo all

well I am back on air- and am so happy to be so- I had all sorts of dramas mainly to do wiv technicians who didnt know their job and so bear brung home her pooter and backed up and reinstalled and well here I am- aint I a clebber bear??- well if I dont say so who will - I ask ya!!

Anyway onto my tale- Back last year my Chemist(drug store to my American friends- I dont know wot its called in Japan Hideko sorry!!) Anyway way back the chemists ladies did a wonderful display for Xmas- and the main part was these wonderful (to me anyway!!) Santa trucks. But - aint it always the way - that BUT!!- they were expensive being priced at $124.95 being that I live in and around an area not known for having big sums of money I figgered these lovely Santa trucks would not sell. and Lo and behold they didnt-so after Xmas the trucks were still there and with a new pricetag of $99.95 (thats Au dollars BTW), so I began a campaign of getting the girls onside and giving them a price tag of $50. bucks that I was prepared to pay for one of these wonderful Santa Trucks and each and every time I would go in there I would say I will take one home now for 50 bucks ggggg, anyway came early February this year the 2 trucks disappeared from the display windows- I was MOST upset until the girls told me that they hadnt sold and were being stored out the back.- I told Peter the owner and phamacist that I would -take one of your hands for- 50 bucks- he said absolutely nuffin ,mmmmmm - the next time I was talking anyone at the shop was to the manageress and told her of the conversation with my lovely Peter and how he hadnt said anything and the manageress lady said thats cos I am the one who works that side of it- give me a second and I will go see if we can possible do it for you- comes back and nope I am sorry it wont cover our costs etc- oh well thinks I - maybe next year!

Anyway yesterday I was yet again in the Chemists shop and the manageress is talking and I suddenly realised she was talking to me- and the Manageress lady is saying we have reduced the Santa trucks down to- wait for it- to $49.95 do U want one- gggggg well yes I says - (after all I was going to give them 5 cents more) - so now I am thinking to myself- I never ever thought that they would reduce them THAT far down - oooh deary me now I have to explain this to COLIN - who was waiting out in the car- But as the lovely shop assistant and I came out of the main doors I could see him looking at the shop assistants arms and wot she was carrying and I could then see the faintest of smiles- I knew I was ok!

I really never thought they would drop the price and it had become a real game and many the times Colin was with me while it was going on -the bartering - I mean gg so it wasnt as if he didnt know wot was happening. BUT gang wot do I do now- wot bill wont I be paying this week- me and my BIG MOUTH! that'll teach me- BUT I really DID want this Santa truck gggggggg I do get myself into some predicaments dont I?? anyway I will hopefully have pretty piccies here as well so you can see the wonderful Santa truck I spent months bartering to get at MY price and then got it!! whooppee! LOL

One of the things I have probs with is the printer/scanner thingie- anytime its taken off I have to play around so that is why I wasnt sure if it would cooperate and get the piccies onto the blog etc- or even into the pooter- I have to play again and will be doing so this arvo- as I have my very very bootifulls Paper dollies back home and for some silly reason the pooter and the scanner is not talking at present- mmmmmmmm I will give them not talking I will give them a kick in the --- Nope I will be nice wont I - after all I fixed the non talking pooter will I now let a non communicating scanner and pooter get away with that grbabge I should say NOT!!- its supposed to be simple after all its an all in one- copier, scanner fax and printer etc maybe I better be a good girl and re hook up the blasted fax line thingies!! Thats usually the reason for non talking to each other - oh deary me- we are slaves to the techno world of machines is we not! Anyway as soon as I get the scanner and the pooter talking to each othr I will upload my very very bootifulls paper dollies that I had arrive home from the USA this week Sherry G, Kai, MaryC, and Camille I really love them to pieces you all did such lovely lovely paper dollies! Now to make a journal to fit their beautiful girls into! -I didnt make a journal to accompany them but did include some pretty cardboards for the ladies to write their thoughts on- and then I will make the jou8rnal for all - it saved the overseas lady from paying to much in postage and we all know how expensive that can be!

BTW the Santa truck is 80.5 cms long by 42 cms wide by 48 cms tall. For those in feets and inches world thats 31.5inches long by 161/2 wide by 19inches tall, so its not exactly a tiny weedy thing is it?? I loves it!!

loves n hugs ya bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Shashi Nayagam said...

LOL!! that is a wonderful story. I am sure you will enjoy it. I too love it. So where have you decided to put it. You have such good weather there that I bet it could stay outside most of the time where you can look at it whenever you pass by.

Glittering threads on the wind said...

Oh My, I love it also. Glad you got it dear one. That is one fancy truck.

Yvette said...

I love that truck. I am so happy that you were able to get one!

Isabella said...

I am so glad you got the truck! Sometimes we have to treat ourselves to something special our heart desires. That's one of the things that makes life a little sweeter. Good for you!
Linda F from FL

Linda said...

Opps- I forgot to log Isabella out and log myself in-LOL!
Linda F from FL

MaryO said...

Bear, I would have wanted it, too! Aren't you the clever one for getting a bargain! It's wonderful and you'll have it to enjoy for years to come!

Bear said...

thank you darlings (and that includes my Issie as well Linda)
I am ever so happy I got it as well ggg and himself was all happy for me to ggggg BUT I reckins next time he will be watching me more closely when I begin to barter for something dont you??- Shashi- I am going to make a Santa Sack- and will in all probability make it CQ and then if there is room - and we know how I can make room- then I will also add some fake pressies for around the santa sack and in beside Santa and the truck etc will be in pride of place- Dad has a beautifull fireplace with a built up area right across the front = and this is perfect for the truck just perfect!!- A present its languishing at our place with all my other Christmas stuff
so thanks ladies and thats my Issie as well I adore this truck and even more that IO got her even cheaper then I offered- gg 5 cents is 5 cents ggggg
love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxox

Kai said...

Oooooooh! My sis got a Santa truck! We LOVE Christmas pretties, don't we? I'm so proud of your pesistence! You never gave up, and not only did you get a bargain price, you got a wonderful truck! Can you send your driver to Houston to pick me up in it? LOL! But then, I don't suppose it would accommodate THIS booty! Sigh ... I'M GLAD FOR YOU!

Linda said...

That truck is so cute....Gald you got it and what a fun thing to own. I would keep it out all year.

Jan D said...

WOW Bear I want a ride in that fancy truck!! Kai put your blog link on my blog so I can visit more --Blame her --teehee-- A friend from Australia sent me (Aussie teminology for a computer and it was sooo cute...AH the clever people on these computers!!! Hugs Jan D

DelightfullyCrazy said...

hehehe Bear, finally I get to see your 'truck', I remember when you brought this, you were so excited when we were yapping on the phone. Not in my wildest dreams though, would I imagine it to be as large as it is, but it is lovely. hugggggsss